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Geek Kune Do
7/23/2003 12:19pm,
I know you're still taking a poll on the new whippin' boy..

However, Kenpo is coming up repeatedly..

So, by all means..... START WHIPPIN'!

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7/23/2003 1:10pm,
What ever happened to Fred Villari?

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7/23/2003 1:23pm,
As a RYUKYU KEMPO stylist I would say anyone who wants to try to start whipping feel free. KEMPO/KENPO like EVERY other art has its frauds.

As I always say " doubt what I'm saying,step up just don't complain when it hurts "

In the fog of doubt and bad technique, pain clears the view to proper technique.

7/23/2003 1:33pm,
oh, i'm not saying anything about kenpo, really, what happened to FV. When i was little there seem to be a school of his on every corner.

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Fisting Kittens
7/23/2003 1:38pm,
whoah whoah whoah. Back the **** up. Isn't ryukyu kempo Dillman's style?

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7/23/2003 1:44pm,
I cannot say anything bad about kenpo, Yet. People I know who do kenpo are ligit.
However, I have seen more and more "learn kenpo from home, from master BFE BS master of the world, get your black belt in two weeks" crap in the past year. "Kenpo" has unfortunatley become very associated with this type of marketing.

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7/23/2003 1:56pm,
Villari is still around, according to his webpage he's down in florida with a handful of schools and still has a bunch of schools in new england and in other states, and don't forget the 1 or 2 he has in canada. They seem alot more indpendently run than before.

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Geek Kune Do
7/23/2003 2:00pm,
I remember when I lived in New England in the 80's Villari was big.. his studios of self defense.

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7/23/2003 2:01pm,
Any style that doesn't spar fullcontact is the whipping boy, if they spar lightly then they aren't, they're still considered better than any style that doesn't spar, just still not proper fightign arts.

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7/23/2003 5:07pm,
What's that Blade? I don't think the forum is quite sure what your views are on non-sparring styles. Because, you see, you simply don't state your viewpoint on this issue often enough.

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7/23/2003 5:52pm,
I agree with Boyd.

Blade tell us how you really feel!http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/2657/hyaku.gif

deus ex machina
7/23/2003 6:28pm,
I wonder what Blade's thoughts are on firearms training.


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Little Idea
7/23/2003 6:49pm,
You have to use real bullets all the time, or the training is just worthless.

7/23/2003 7:07pm,
Fred Villari is alive and WELL, i can assure you of this.

i will admitt lots of their higher ranking black belts are HORRIBLE and USELESS. But there are a HANDFUL of high ranking Black belts, 3rd or 4th degree's that are quite good. The higher ranks such as 5, 6, and 7th degrees, oh and one 8th degree seem to get worse as they advance.

Fred himself in my book is an AWESOME fighter. i know him personally..and no MATZY i am not part of his organization.

7/23/2003 10:28pm,
RYUKYU KEMPO IS what DILLMAN says he teachs however the system I study is not connected with DILLMAN KARATE in any way, nor does it look the same. I first leaned from a student of MASTER OYATA. Now in another linage, we do not tap here andtouch there then ask you to fall down, it is. It involves strikes, kicks and grappling: jujitsu (standing) and ground techniques.

In the fog of doubt and bad technique, pain clears the view to proper technique.

7/23/2003 11:55pm,
One problem that someone already mentioned is that there are like 1000 kinds of kenpo/kempo.

I've been studying one form of kenpo or another for over 17 years, and I've seen a lot more bad kenpo schools than good. I can't help it, when I see the word kenpo/kempo it sends up a red flag for me.

I've told the story before, but it bears repeating. My instructor's first art was the Parker American Kenpo system. He holds a 6th degree in that system, and I hold a 2nd.

My instructor was consistently frustrated with his lack of ability to apply to realistic combat situations and routinely found fundamental problems with the techniques, princples, and strategies of the system. He put this up to lack to true understanding and went from "master" to "master" looking for someone who could answer his questions.

Most people he found were less skilled than he, and even the ones with superior skills had not satisfying answers. He began modifying the American Kenpo curriculm and it wasn't long before what he was teaching really wasn't American Kenpo anymore.

So he threw everything out the window and founded his own system based on a compreshensive fighting theory he had developed over the years, and Five Animal Kenpo was born.

I'm sure there are a lot of great kenpo schools out there, I just can't name any other than my own. And I fully recognize there is a bias here. I know in almost all arts people tend to think there school is the only school that does the art correctly.

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