View Full Version : I love to break

9/24/2006 7:58am,
Hey all I know some may say breaking is useless or what not but the truth is I love it. I relieve alot of stress and really test my abilitys of meditation when I break. I was wondering if any one knew of any Breaking tournaments around. Thanks for any info OSU! I am actually pretty good took first in a few competitions in 2003 but haven't been able to locate any since. :ninjadanc

9/24/2006 8:10am,
As long as you keep it in perspective, and realize that breaking is only a small aspect of martial arts, you'll be okay. Breaking is not magic, it is the simple application of physics.
One of the ways we used to recruit students, was to put on demonstrations. We would always explain how it worked, first and then do the break. Breaing has its place, but it is classified as 'Parlor Tricks', and only helps in developing focus.