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7/20/2003 10:21am,
Here's the ones that crack me up just hearing them:

1-That dog will bite you!

2-You're cars engine is blown, your daughter has an STD, your wife is pregnant and it's not yours, your dog has heart worms, and if you don't quit jacking off your elbows never gonna get better.

Feel free to add to this.

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Dark Sider
7/20/2003 11:24am,
'"She" used to be a "he"!'

'Open this door before we BREAK IT THE **** DOWN!'

'grego...I was just checking your wife's mouth for cavities! Honest!...I'm a part time dentist.'

7/20/2003 5:45pm,
"I'm the dude in the suit...WAVING!"

"Naw, it's cool, I've got a MILLION minutes!"

"Honestly, I think you are GAY!!! I think you probably look hot (all women think gay men is hot) but I think your dick is too wide that it won't fit in any hole! That is probably why you are sex frustated!"
--Fatality Dragon

deus ex machina
7/20/2003 9:52pm,
"You're gay!"

"I'm gonna lynch you darkie boy!"

"How about I rape YOUR Nanking!?"


"That baby better watch his mouth. I rape kids like him as part of my warm-up for raping teenagers, grown men, and eventually charging rhinos." - Boyd

7/20/2003 10:12pm,
"Well your honor, in my defense, she was fucking goofy!"

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7/21/2003 10:35am,
'**** her'

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7/21/2003 12:07pm,
"Is it dead?" - Rocco

"Would you shut the **** up you miserable piece of ****" - Walter

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7/22/2003 1:08am,

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

Osiris-"Some of my best friends ARE black. Black people box."
Blade Windu-"no your friend is a wrong. Black guys yes."
Posted July 17,2003

7/22/2003 1:25am,
Oh yeah?.....well, SUPERMAN can do better than that!

"I ain't through with you by a damn sight..I'ma get medieval on your ass" - Marcellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction)

7/22/2003 2:04pm,
That's not my dog!

You can't make a man by standing a sheep on its hindlegs but if you get a group of men together you can create a herd of sheep.

7/22/2003 2:31pm,
LOL @ WTDude! Great Pink Panther quote. Although I'm sure it's been quoted before and afterward. "that's not my dog!" BAHAHAHHAA!

*UNO* = One love baby!

7/22/2003 2:51pm,
so the next morning he rolls over and....it's his grandma!

so i pay the man and he's right, it is the best damn 50$ i've ever spent

then his dog looks up at me, paws it's crotch and barks out...."*****"

7/22/2003 4:16pm,
That's not my 30 foot alligator!

You can't make a man by standing a sheep on its hindlegs but if you get a group of men together you can create a herd of sheep.

7/22/2003 4:18pm,
"I practice Tew Ryu Ninjitsu"