View Full Version : Sucks to be a Kazaa user right now. . .

7/18/2003 10:05pm,
According to the news, the D.C. Federal Court has authorized over 800 subpoenas for illegal music-swapping over the internet. Looks the music industry has started to play hardball with this whole thing. Don't the Feds have, how should I put this, more important issues on their plate? The clerks at the court have supposedly put a lot of other stuff on hold while they file these subpoenas. Nice to see some 'real' criminals being chased down for a change (sarcasm intentional).

"Go cry about it Vargas. Aren't you late for your shift at McDonald's?"

Sam Browning
7/18/2003 10:36pm,
Money talks, real criminals walk

Cool Doggy
7/19/2003 1:22am,
WHAT THE ****?

The REAL problem with the Internet is NOT copyright infringement. The REAL problem is SPAM. Can't the Feds get this right?

Does this mean that they can go after those outside of the U.S. as well?

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