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9/03/2006 9:18pm,

I have been searching for a MMA/AJJ/BJJ/Grappling school in Rochester. The one that I found closest to my place of residence is Saunders BJJ http://saundersbjj.com/ and I was wondering before I drive over has anyone ever heard of the instructor/visited the school.

Also, is there any particular social faux pa I should avoid my first day other then observing the "standard" martial etiquette?


9/03/2006 9:20pm,
wrong forum?

9/03/2006 9:33pm,
Wrong fourm - this should go in YMAS, but, Yes, he is listed on bjjinfo.org/wiki
wiki/index.php/Saunders_BJJ (http://www.bjjinfo.org/wiki/index.php/Saunders_BJJ)

9/03/2006 9:42pm,
At the CNY throwdown last year one of the guys came from there. Apparently Saunders is a very good teacher and knows his stuff. I'd say go check him out.

9/04/2006 7:26am,
Yes, yes, yes, he is a very good teacher. I know. I go there. Very laid back, very professional, the people are friendly. After a few weeks off to pay for my new (old) car and the rent, I'll be going back next week. God how I've missed it.

(in the meantime, the "I have no car so I have to bike to work" exercise, an unholy ab routine my gf picked up as a dancer, and bussing have hopefully kept me in shape for it)

9/04/2006 7:34am,
Oh. Etiquette is easy, just show up or email him prior, sign a form, and feel free to jump right in. I didn't even need a gi the first month. The class format is open (freestyle) stretching before it starts, conditioning, going over what you know (he'll teach you if you're new, or one of the other students will go over the basics), teaching a new move/other such instruction to the class (sometimes split newbies/others), and then open mat time, 6 minutes a roll. Good stuff, especially for the price, especially so for students.

9/04/2006 10:21am,
If you are looking for an MMA school, I would also recommend checking out Team Empire, which recently became a Militech affiliate school. Here is their website:


They school uses a Judo/Sambo as the base of their grappling as opposed to BJJ. Solid school with great instructors. Swing by and check em' out.. Although if you live out in Syracuse, I have heard some good things about Tai Kai jiu-jitsu in Liverpool.

9/05/2006 11:04pm,
Thanks for all the help, sorry about the wrong forum.... seems out of place is YMAS though, oh well.

Just to clarify though I am actually looking in Rochester/Henrietta not in Syracuse, I have a school in Syracuse that I am quite content but am still martial homeless in Rochester. Thanks again for the help and I will be visiting Saunders BJJ some time next week.