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9/03/2006 3:53pm,
Hi I'm Anthony I'm a wrestler with 4 years of experience in it and have been starting to cross train in MMA I'm 15 yeah kinda young but I'm interested in MMA and will soon start going to amuetur tournaments if you all kno where any are in the Metro St. Louis area where I live I'm a Freshman and I placed at the Northern Plains Regoinal Tournament in Greco-Roman & Freestyle 6th and thats out of like 10 states I placed 8th place in Folkstyle state and 6th in Greco state and have been working on my submissions and my stand up well I hope I can have some fun and possibly learn something on here

Das Moose
9/03/2006 5:19pm,
Hi Anthony. Wrestling is a great style, I know one thing I'm sorely lacking is some good takedowns. Before you enter MMA i'd recommend finding a dedicated MMA gym and putting in some serious kickboxing and submission wrestling time. Wrestling is a brilliant base but you need to have the submission and standup too.

9/03/2006 6:47pm,
Best resources for you here are Department of Homeland security, Strikeistan and iCompete.