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Sofa-King What
8/30/2006 12:30pm,
just introducing myself here. I have been following the Tiger Klay thread and was sick of not being able to easily open links posted. I just returned to MA after several years of partying...I trained in AIkido and Judo previously....Now i train in teh leet MA....naw mostly just BJJ, but some MMA and kickboxing, since i corner for a buddy of mine sometimes, i figured id try to get to know his game some...
I am interested in exposes on Bullshido. I have several friends that did the Chung moo Doe/Quan and after going thru the FAq and seeing the search feature, i think that is waht i will use it to search for...

8/30/2006 1:33pm,
this should be a "how to introduce yourself" sticky.
noobs, please note:

(1) the pre-post familiarization lurking
(2) the understanding of FAQ & search function
(3) the intelligent choice of effective MA pursuits
(4) the excellent screen name

well done, sir.

Sofa-King What
9/03/2006 3:08pm,
Thankyou very much,
Im late on looking back at my intro post. When I saw a reply and as I first read it, I thought I was getting flamed or something, then read it more in depth, and I appreciate the compliment, ty again, I hope to be able to contribute intelligently to future discussions on this site, but for now I'll probably keep a tight lip.