View Full Version : Jason Reinhardt to fight Roger Huerta at UFC 63

Don Gwinn
8/21/2006 11:22pm,
Just thought I'd let everyone know. Jason is not a Bullshido member, but he trains at my school (he was in there rolling with us n00bs tonight, actually) and he's a good guy. I'm happy for him. He's been working for this for years.

I haven't found much on his opponent, Roger Huerta, except that he's a wrestler from Texas. Both have big winning records mostly amassed at small shows against guys with unimpressive records, although Huerta fought Melvin Guillard. That fight is listed as a "No Decision--Overturned by Commission." No idea what happened there.

Anyway, congratulations Jason Reinhardt! Gracie Barra FTW!

Now I gotta find a place to watch the pay per view in nearly beautiful Carbondale, IL that weekend.

8/25/2006 4:44pm,
Is this the guy that Sherdog lists as 17-0? That's freakin' amazing!

8/25/2006 4:54pm,
Good luck to Jason!

Don Gwinn
8/26/2006 9:09pm,
He's 17-0 indeed, but some of those are pretty minor shows. He's won all his KOTC fights, though.

Huerta has a similar record (18-1 maybe?) against similar opponents, although he fought Melvin Guillard. That fight is listed as a No Decision, so I'm not sure what happened.

Anyway, Jason's been working hard on his grappling--he was helping out in our n00b class on Wednesday--and I think some people may be surprised.

8/27/2006 11:13am,

Here were the places that showed the last PPV live, two of which are in Carbondale. Hope that helps.

Don Gwinn
8/28/2006 12:00pm,
That's great, thanks!

Don Gwinn
9/23/2006 1:36am,

Jason is out due to a neck injury. Supposedly now slated for UFC 64 or 65. No word on opponents.

He's definitely put on some muscle; seems to be working on closing that gap to 155. He's fought at 135 many times and that's closer to his natural weight. I have to be careful not to step on him.

9/23/2006 9:27am,
This fight would never have been shown on the PPV.

Te No Kage!
9/23/2006 1:45pm,
Don, are you training in Springfield now? I haven't been back home in a long time but if there's a real place to roll when I ever come back home it'd be cool to visit.