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Neil Priest
8/21/2006 6:35am,

I have finally registered after 6 months of discovering 'Bullshido'. I enjoy the fresh perspective that I got from this site on training in the Martial Arts.

I have been a witness to the McDojo-ising of my old Karate dojo, a process I haven't been happy with. I do not believe that only Kata accumulation and a room full of laminated certifictes make a good martial artist. I want to teach MA sometime in the future and I use this site to keep myself grounded. Though I live in India I WILL attend at least one throwdown if I ever get to visist the U.S.

Thanks for just being there and providing a forum for healthy discussions about the 'arts' that I have grown to love.

----Neil Priest

Joe Karate
8/21/2006 6:42am,
Welcome Neil - you're off to a good start.