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8/15/2006 5:31pm,
Well, I've been rolling a lot lately, and being the newbie to BJJ as a whole I've been getting hella tapped. I know this is the norm for all things BJJ. but I see the thing i've been getting tapped with the most is the Guillotine, I know to keep my chin down, but other then that it always seems that some way i'm getting an arm around my neck and getting it wrenched. Can someone offer some basic tips against this basic yet effective attack against me?

8/15/2006 5:37pm,
I'm going to move this to Newbietown before it gets gassed.

8/15/2006 5:40pm,
Do you often get caught while in clinch or do you get it when you're already in guard?

If you're getting it a lot when in clinch, off a shot, just from standing, work on controlling your opponent's legs. By that I mean keep your hips out from between his legs, work yourself around their legs and take them down into side control.

If you're getting caught already in your opponent's guard, posture up, weasle your hand in there. Pass guard more.

Anna Kovacs
8/15/2006 5:48pm,
Are you getting caught in it when you shoot? If so then keep your head up when you shoot. Your back should be upright, not bent, when you shoot.

When you do get caught in it, throw your arm over their opposite shoulder. IE if you are caught under their right arm, throw your right arm over their left shoulder and pull, also, pretend like your underhooking their arm with your head and look "up". This will help prevent them from finishing the choke, they might hold on and keep cranking but they're likely to tire themselves out. Also, if they are pulling guard when they catch you then try and pass the guard, they cant finish it if you get out of guard.

As an aside I was nicknamed "the guillotine" at one point because I was catching so many people with it.

You might consider trying to get better at guillotining others. I got really good at setting it up and finishing it and in the process I kind of figured out what it took for people to escape or prevent me from getting it and used that myself. I think i've only been finished with a guillotine once or twice.

8/15/2006 5:59pm,
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My arch-nemesis, the Villain, is correct; this guy has no business being saved from the dogs.

8/15/2006 6:21pm,
Thanks for all the great advice, in my defense i'm a grappling newbie, and looking for advice for being a grappling newbie. Unfortunately been pretty tough getting answers from my instructor because the only things he really knows in English are "Gward" "Haf Gward" and "Arm-bear"

As far as where I get caught, its pretty much in any position mostly from clinch though.

I'm really going to take all this into account tomorrow (Read: Next time I'm not working during training hours) and if anyone else has some more advice i'd love to hear some more on the (albeit very newbish) subject.

8/15/2006 6:43pm,
My arch-nemesis, the Villain, is correct; this guy has no business being saved from the dogs.

I hate to sound like a MAPper, but out of curiousity is it THAT hard to just answer a legitimate question without setting fire to the cottages and livestock? I mean he did say he was a newbie in regards to grappling, and was just looking for advice. I like to reserve my flaming for those deserving of it.

8/15/2006 6:49pm,
/uses heat vision on kenpofist for being reasonable.