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8/14/2006 8:26am,
First and foremost Iím a JKD practitioner. I believe people should train how they fight

or donít train at all! Iíve practiced non-contact martial arts in the past and walked

away with a handful of useful tools but that was it. In my opinion you can only talk

about your claims so much if you want to prove it get in the ring.

I try not to separate the fight game too much we all know there is striking, the clinch,

and then the ground game but still itís all a part of the fight and all should be trained in

order to become a complete fighter. Yes I train in Capoeira and for the most part

modern Capoeira is like Modern TKD a sport. My style of Capoeira is referred to as

DA RUA (of the Streets) because we concentrate on actual application of techniques

in a real world situation instead of simply the jogo (the game). Like TKD or should I

say itís root style Hwa Rang Do Capoeira in past had a real world use and was

efficient in combat.

Iím in the armed forces and the Gracie's BJJ has been implemented into the military

for its hand to hand combat program. I like the idea of it but like most things it has its

flaws. The old Close Quarter Combat system shouldíve been combined with the

teachings of the BJJ to make the combatants well rounded fighters. Instead the Army

Combative system is a submission wrestling style and impractical for war but, enough

of that. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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