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7/17/2003 2:12am,
...if the Brazilian Santa Claus goes, "Ro ro ro!" or the Brazilian Scooby Doo goes, "Hooby hooby hoo!"

...what it would be like if there was a style called "Stoned Boxing" instead of "Drunken Boxing" and you had to puff the magic dragon to get better at it?

...who would win in a fight between Rickson Gracie and a tank? (BJJ nutriders only)

...what would happen if there were an NHB match between Jesus and Buddha? (my money is on Jesus, because of his background in carpentry, plus Gautama Siddharta was raised kind of soft)

Deadpan Scientist
7/17/2003 3:21am,
The first one makes no sense.

7/17/2003 3:37am,
You're right, it doesn't.

>...who would win in a fight between Rickson Gracie and a tank? (BJJ nutriders only)

Don't be so silly, Rickson by gunbar.

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7/17/2003 10:29am,
About the first one, it's an issue of text vs. speech. I.e., if you were watching a Brazilian Christmas special, sure, Santa would say, "Ho ho ho," like he does in the rest of the world. But what if you were reading a Christmas book?

And what happens when the Portuguese dubbers and translators get the Scooby Doo script, and they get to the part where Scooby goes, "Rooby rooby roo!" How do they translate it? How does it come out on air?

I am a ninja
7/17/2003 10:35am,
What kind of Tank?

7/17/2003 3:58pm,

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7/17/2003 10:59pm,
Mercurius! You get a 10 out on a scale of 1 - 10. Atleast you're trying bro.


I don't get even I get "stabby"

7/18/2003 6:05am,
WTF? Obviously Santa Claus is Canadian, I did his taxes last year!

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Posted July 17,2003

7/18/2003 6:14am,
You dipshits, Santa Claus is of course FINNISH, I can prove it:


+ I'm sure someone already has created stoned boxing. Rickson would win, of course, since he is undefeated and all fights go to the ground. Buddha and Jesus can do anything they like and I don't care.

7/18/2003 1:04pm,
He immigrated to Canada. Santa Claus is a pagan.

"Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law"
Anton LaVey made me say it!

Fatality Dragon
7/19/2003 12:29am,
Buddha will win! Buddha won't fight, he will just invite Jesus to have tea with him. As Jesus sit down and Buddha start to pour tea, he would accidentally spill it all over Jesus's crotch. Jesus would end up get up and grab his crotch and swears then walk away with eyeful of tears.

It is a rat eat rat world.

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7/19/2003 6:42pm,
Jesus would win because he was crafty and he would ask the Buddha to teach him how to meditate. He would wait until Buddha was deep in meditation while pretending to follow along and then he would jump up and kick the **** out of him.

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7/19/2003 10:53pm,
No, no, no....Santa Claus is a Russian. That's why he wears the communist red.

Well....maybe he's Canadian...I mean, the mounties wear red too. Dammit, now I'm confused.

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7/21/2003 12:52pm,
Oh Boy! I guess we better not let Santa Claus into our homes on Christmas. For all we know he could be robbing us instead of giving us our goodies!

"Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law"
Anton LaVey made me say it!

7/21/2003 12:55pm,
Santa Claus STARTED wearing RED when he was featured in Coca-Cola adverts. Before that he looked completely different. NOT joking.

7/21/2003 5:31pm,
Hey thats pretty interesting!!!

"Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law"
Anton LaVey made me say it!