View Full Version : I still run the show at ADCC!

7/17/2003 1:11am,
MONTHS after banning me, I'm still the booger under the desk of the admin at ADCC! Check it out:


Even the whisper of the name Grego brings out the lovers and the haters.

I am a legend people! Eat your heart out Salah! Eat it boy!

Don't push me 'cause I'm close to da edge!

I don't get even I get "stabby"

Deadpan Scientist
7/17/2003 1:30am,
what was the joke you got banned for?

7/17/2003 1:33am,
<img src=icon_smile_dead.gif border=0 align=middle>
I don't get even I get "stabby"

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Deadpan Scientist
7/17/2003 1:55am,
I see.

deus ex machina
7/17/2003 3:23am,
Just let it go man...let it go...


"That baby better watch his mouth. I rape kids like him as part of my warm-up for raping teenagers, grown men, and eventually charging rhinos." - Boyd

Dark Sider
7/17/2003 7:33am,
I still hope GodSoldier breaks Frankwheat's face in.

7/17/2003 12:30pm,
As long as someone gets severally beaten I'm happy. Seriously though, GS is a big fellow, trains, and is probably good at grappling.

My only gripe against Frank really is that he has tried to diss Dark Sider. That by itself is enough for me to pull for GS is they do fight.

I don't get even I get "stabby"

Roidie McDouchebag
7/17/2003 2:49pm,
Is ADCC still as fucking gay as when I left?

7/17/2003 11:04pm,
Choke when you left the gay left with you! HAHAHA!

Ok sorry. They still have their fair share of whiny asses and errrrhhh.....well whiny asses.

Still some cool peeps over there though. RESPECT to Steve, Stuyboy, Wanderer, Sammie, Monster, Foggy, Rick, Max, Danny, Squiggy, Lemmy, LDW(UNO bro!), and off course Gilga/Darky!

I've skipped a couple and I'm sorry. My lips are tired of kissing all that ass.

I don't get even I get "stabby"

7/18/2003 6:02am,
no wonder you have an aura around you

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

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Blade Windu-"no your friend is a wrong. Black guys yes."
Posted July 17,2003

7/18/2003 10:33am,
We miss you over there Grego-prego.

Dark Sider
7/18/2003 11:41am,
No we don't!!!!