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Yellow Hatman
8/09/2006 1:56am,
Hey, I've lurked here for quite some time, and figured today is as good as any to come out of my shell. These are the only forums on the net I enjoy, due to the intrinsic viciousness of the people here. The worst-case scenario is that I get pwned in the forums, but even then I'd probably just get lost in the noise.

I'm a karate guy. Before I knew better, I used to point spar at tournaments, but then I realized that it was Xtreme Tag and not worth my time. I guess that's why sensei never really emphasized it, and why he treated our tournament desires with the loving apathy that I've come to expect from him. We did lots of kata and pre-arranged self-defense techniques. There was also much free-sparring. We sparred with no-contact (::braces self for the inevitable onslaught::) but I somehow managed to be perpetually bruised for several years. The free sparring was alive, even though I'm going to catch hell from someone for calling it that. (But that's why I like this place.)

I am not teh d34dly, but I'm a much better fighter than I was when I started. To be honest, I don't know what I would do with teh d34dly if I had it. I'd still be a nerd, it's just that ingrained in me. But I'm a vastly better than I was when I started, and that's all I really care about.

I eventually moved away to go to grad school. I swing by when I can to train, but thatís only a few times a year now. I took Judo for about a year, but I had to quit to concentrate on my research. I need to go back, if not now than as soon as I can in order to work on my ground game, which isn't so good. In fact, it's ungood. Give it time, give it time...

Now I write, take data, and do kata in the parking lot. When I finish school and get my life back, I'll be able to improve again. Right now I'm just kind of existing. If I've made any improvement in this time, then it's due to Bullshido, by constantly reminding me that I'm not teh d34dly and I need to STFU and train.

8/09/2006 2:29am,
Welcome to Bullshido.

8/12/2006 8:57am,
welcome to bullshido