View Full Version : Ninjutsu is a sham!

7/15/2003 1:35pm,
I've seen modern "ninjutsu" four times in my life.

1. The alternate that fought the other alternate to win a UFC fight. Yeah, that was fricken impressive. Whatever. He was tough enough, I guess, but he wouldn't stand a ice cube's chance in hell against ANYBODY fighting in televised NHB fights today.

2. A "ninjutsu" school in Canada, whose top student I beat --WITH A FRICKEN JAB TO THE NOSE! He couldn't (wouldn't??) continue fighting after that.

3. A ninjutsu school in my ex-hometown, which was an obvious sham. They looked nice in coreographed sequences, but they looked like TKD guys trying to fistfight in sparring.

4. The sparring clips on that tewryu.com site. Good grief! I can't believe that guy posted that **** on his site. The least he could've done is coreographed it so they don'g LOOK incompetent! JEESH!

I don't doubt that there were tough ninja's in old Japan. But we AIN'T in old Japan, and every "ninja" I've ever seen is nothing special.

Yeah, I know. I've not seen REAL ninjutsu. Whatever.



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