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7/15/2003 10:26am,
I woke up this morning and turned on the TV and was basicly suckered punch in the brain when the first thing I heard was "With a special live report, our anchor Miss Whoever, is learning Krav Maga."

Turns out Fox 5 (Las Vegas, NV) was doing a report about a local TKD school's ( www.brandonsata.com ) Krav Maga, also turns out he was the guy who helped train JLo for her movie role and the robo-chick in T3. It showed some of their students practicing punch combinations and techniques. The reporter had questions about the training and Mr. Brandon replied with something like "We are self defense based, we do whatever we can to get out of a situation, even running, but if we have to we'll finish the fight." Then he explained that they train with a high heart rate so it's just like it would be in a real life situation...sounded like to me they were just giving an excuse for turning into an aerobic kickboxing program like so many critics have said about the system.

The techniques his students were doing look like they were choreographing a fight versus a technique. They did look like they were working out for quite some time, but still, alot of it looked week. Guy throughs a punch, you do this, and that, blah blah blah. While some real militant looking dude walk around them yelling punch orders or something.

There's a another krav maga school out here, but unlike the one in the newscast it just teaches Krav Maga, I think it's called Close Combat system or something to that extent, can't seem to locate a link for it :(

Just something I thought I'd share with you all. The local news here will do a report from a martial arts school about once every 3 months just to have some filler material.

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7/15/2003 11:06am,
What you have to keep in mind that if a KM school has been teaching for less than two or three years then they are part of the affliate program and probably can only teach up to the second or third level of the system. There are only a few places outside of Los Angeles that have the ability to teach the entire system, Philly, Costa Mesa, New York come to mind since they are all schools run by original students of the US Chief Instructor (Or in the case of one of the NY school, students of the current head of the system). The begining levels of the system teach primarily movement, striking and basic techniques against various chokes, bearhugs and various strikes so this is probably what you saw on the news segment. I'm guessing this cause they wouldn't put the newcaster into the more advanced class without knowing the basics of the system.

7/15/2003 11:08am,
Krav Maga is absolute ****. didnt I teach you people anything:


7/15/2003 11:14am,
Dozens of years of APPLICATION in ISRAEL would easily weed out any system that is "absolute ****".

You sound like a moron.

7/15/2003 11:22am,
Dude...if you believe that your an idiot.

The Israeli military uses GUNS and TANKS and COPTERS with MISSLES.

The only time they need to get physical is when they grab an undernourished 17 year old Palestinian by the scruff and throw him into a dirty jail cell.

Nothing in Krav Maga has not been seen before and already discarded as WORTHLESS SH!T.

I wonder when J-Lo will be a Krav Maga black belt?

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7/15/2003 11:48am,
^^^^^^^^ word.

Shut up and train

7/15/2003 11:57am,
"Nothing in Krav Maga has not been seen before and already discarded as WORTHLESS SH!T"

As far as I know KM is a conglomeration of techniques taken from different systems. The only things that have been done is to take those techniques and apply KM principles (attack and defend at the same time, use techniques that minimize damage to oneself, use the body's reflexive reactions etc.) So looking at it that way, yes you can say there is nothing there that is "original." KM teachs Thai-style round kicks, Cavalier throws from Akijujitsu, basic punches from western boxing and so on.

As far as J-Lo getting a black belt. From my understanding it would take somewhere between 4-5 years of training assuming she is invited to test for her first level black belt.

Edited to add 4-5 years time frame for BB

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7/15/2003 12:22pm,
Hey Peedee, if you're ever in SoCal, drop me a line, and we can have a friendly little match under whatever rules you propose.

If you think KM is ****, you have never seen KM.

That is not to say that ***all*** KM is good. I'm sure it's taught poorly in a lot of places.

Some schools do tend to teach it as a get-in-shape program for soccer moms.

Myself, I'm still recovering from yesterdays pankrase rules and no-protective gear sparring. My theighs are sore from all the low kicks I took, my jaw hurts because I didn't tap out to a face lock soon enough, and my knee, which I banged into my instructor's knee is refusing to bend.

Do you want to tell me I'm doing cardio kickboxing?

I remain, Hapko3

7/15/2003 12:28pm,
Hapko, where in SoCal are you? which KM school do you go to?

7/15/2003 12:40pm,
San Diego. I go to the El Cajon school.

I remain, Hapko3

7/15/2003 12:49pm,
The only time they need to get physical is when they grab an undernourished 17 year old Palestinian by the scruff and throw him into a dirty jail cell.

Ahem... Palestineans are rarely undernourished. They are the group that is most supported by both the United Nations and foreign charities that doesn't have its own state. While their rights and lands may be at issue, the general health of Palestineans (barring what you read about trips to the hospital stopped by roadblocks) is quite good. They have a decent life expectancy, only hampered by the extremely prolific use of tobacco and alcohol.

Besides that, your post was dead on. The Israelis are masters of infinitely more potent martial arts than Krav Maga. In Fighter-jitsu, Tank-jitsu, Chopper-jitsu and Urban-Fighting-Jitsu, they are the undisputed masters. :)

7/15/2003 1:01pm,
Actually, both of you don't know what the **** you're talking about.

I have a step brother in the Israili army, who, for all I know, is fighting as we speak. You would be surprised just how much hand to hand theyse guys see.

I remain, Hapko3