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7/11/2003 4:12am,
"Robert Bussey shares his knowledge - empowering 100 members of the Omaha Safety Council with knowledge and skills designed to improve confidence and personal safety."


Xuanlong Xian
7/11/2003 8:20am,
I like the beer-logo feel...

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7/11/2003 9:04am,
Damn I didn't even notice this before:

"Robert Bussey is a legend in the field of personal protection and American pioneer of the Ninjutsu art. He was chosen as the American representative of the art in the late 1970 and later ran what was, at the time, the largest Ninja Acadamy in the United States."

BUSSEY IS A NINJA TOO... They're everywhere... There's no escape.

7/11/2003 9:37am,
Oh man, I thought this thread was about Gary Busey, he's one crazy mofo.

"But some apes they gotta go, so we kill the ones we don't know" - 'Ape shall never kill Ape' by The Vandals

7/11/2003 9:52am,
Yeah, Gary Busey style is awesome.

7/12/2003 4:44am,
"You have pretty much hit rock bottom when you snort cocaine off your dog. Just ask Gary Busey" (Stolen from http://www.fark.com, referring to http://www.nypost.com/gossip/2084.htm)

Odds are quite good that Gary Busey is a ninja too, since most people in the USA seem to be.

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7/12/2003 8:09am,
Yes, you too could be the next Scott Morris!!