View Full Version : What do monks think of the UFC?

7/06/2003 5:22pm,
Just curious since we have alot of monks around what do you think of it>?

7/06/2003 7:29pm,
All monks love it.
They've now made watching it a primary part of their training.

El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"

Wu De
7/06/2003 8:21pm,
They watch it. I know Yanfei watches it and wanted to enter but that idea got scrapped when his master heard about it being commercial (and hence involves money) which is not acceptable.

I argued that he could donate money to charity but i got silenced with a mighty glare.

Finger, you're not too far off actually, i bought them a couple of compilation DVDs. I haven't seen them around but i think they've seen them. Unless Yan Shang ate them. Which is highly possible.

Omega Supreme
7/06/2003 9:04pm,
You also don't have to get payed for the fight Wu De. Some fighters don't get paid for some of the lower ranking and its been rumored that Tito didn't get paid for his first few NHB fights.

Go away I'm talking to myself

7/07/2003 3:15am,
It was more than a rumor, they flat out announced it. So he could keep his amatuer athlete status.

7/07/2003 3:50pm,
I think they should donate the money.

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7/07/2003 7:06pm,
Monks in a NHB battle.


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