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7/04/2003 3:01pm,
Man charged with attacking wife with sword

From Staff Reports

Posted on July 4, 2003

An Alexandria man pulled a 36-inch Ninja sword on his wife Tuesday and threatened to cut her head off, police said. Roy Fells, 38, of 3729 Church St. called police to report his wife had punched him in the mouth. Police said about the same time, his wife flagged down an officer on Lee Street. The victim was bruised and had a cut on her hand, reports state.

Officers said Fells told them his wife had cut herself.

However, she told police the two had struggled over a sword after he had pulled it on her. Her hand was cut during the struggle. Police said the victim told them she was slapped and punched. She grabbed a belt to defend herself, and Fells reportedly got a sword. The victim said she was able to get the sword away from Fells and leave the house, police said.

Fells was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery/domestic violence. Law enforcement officials said domestic violence tends to increase a little in the summer and winter. People spend more time together cooped up in their homes in the winter and more summer outings involve alcohol than at other times of the year. Authorities said all victims should remove themselves from any violent situation and seek help. Places such as the Turning Point Battered Women's Shelter provides emergency shelter - 445-2022 - and Hope House provides more long-term shelter. For immediate assistance contact your local law enforcement agency.


7/04/2003 11:52pm,
Well after analyzing this person's technique, I would have to say he is no stylist. Since no school was mentioned and he pulled a ninja sword, that leads me to believe that he was part of a special force unit. Sense SCARS teaches special force people. I conclude that this WACKO was a SCARS person.(Smiles chuckles, tanks a drink of beer and farts in OwnedFools' general direction)

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