View Full Version : does this fit mcdojo???

7/03/2003 7:03pm,

what do u guys think???

7/03/2003 7:20pm,
Sounds more like one of those evangelical cults and less like a MA school.

The founder's probably something not unlike Billy Graham.

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7/04/2003 1:00am,
get your black belt in one day just ship us 200 bucks

7/07/2003 11:32am,
Slimey Mother Fucker.
I'll refain from using the other "F" word.

Your skills are EXTRAordinary; You have our Gratitude.

jing shen gou
7/07/2003 12:32pm,
You didn't warn us it was a tripod site.
Damned pop ups!

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