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deus ex machina
7/06/2003 6:01pm,
Now keep in mind that I am taking this straight from the picture.

It's just a picture, nothing more nothing less.


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7/06/2003 8:24pm,
good points guys,

Talbott: The trap is I guess close to the wrist but the defender does have the hand immobilized and the only real risk is a cut to the forearm, the next step for the defender is to push with the forearm and either disarm te opponent or use the opponents hand to stab himself. There is a much easier way for the attacker to reverse then what you suggest, which involves bringing his freehand into play and usng it to free up his knife hand.

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7/06/2003 11:47pm,

Goju..Ok that makes a little more sense. It is hard to judge based on one picture, that is way placed my disclaimer. :) Seeing the technique in action would be the best way to judge the effectiveness. :)

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7/07/2003 6:45pm,
I think the technique is a good technique. You must really control your opponents wrist to prevent him from twisting the blade to cut you. As long as you dont slide your arm along the edge of the blade your pretty much okay. The advantage of the technique is that it is way faster than joint locking types of unarmed removal like those found in jujitsu. It takes a longer period and if there are more than one attacker your vulnerable for a few second.

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7/07/2003 11:35pm,
How does the 7 angle form fit into the big picture? Personally, I'd rather use the 3 of 9 crosshand blocks.

7/08/2003 5:33am,
"The defender does not have the wrist or the elbow locked up well which give the attacker time to rotate the wrist as well as bend the elbow. The attacker can side step towards his right by bending the elbow. Once the elbow has mobility he can easily rotate the wrist in a matter to cut at the defender's wrist."

"You must really control your opponents wrist to prevent him from twisting the blade to cut you."

Pretty much thought the same things when I saw it. Although like Deus says its only a photo, you'd need to see the technique flow to decide effectiveness.

The second thing I thought concerned the guy on the right using two hands to control one, while still being very much in the fight game(centre line), but I like I said hard to make a call by just one photo.

You should expect to get cut in a knife encounter. that way if you don't its a bonus and if you do, well it won't be that much of a shock because you expectted it anyway.

7/08/2003 5:38pm,
in escrima its very similar (surprisingly..) you trap/press the flat of the blade against the BACK of your wrist (as there are no veins/arteries on the back unlike the inside) its doable with a single edged weapon however with a double edge any sort of rotation is likely to result in that nasty feeling....

now where did i leave my slashguards?