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7/03/2003 10:09am,
I'm sorry to go off on another SCARS tangent, but someone's got to do it. I figure why not me? If I have to see his irrelevant posts day after day, then I'm entitled to have the opposing view day after day -- if I care to. So, out of curiosity, I checked out KungFoolss website (you know the empty rhetoric guy), and read some of the horseshit he has on there. Simply dumbfounding is how I describe this ignoramus! Itís ludicrous rantings of an out of control obsessive-compulsive madman.

His website is the manifestation of an egocentric child screaming for attention. It might not be his fault though, usually we look towards the parents when we see folks exhibiting the kind of behavior that KFs displays. I'm fairly convinced the man has many past problems that now are bubbling up to the surface. I mean really, it's just a matter of time. I wouldn't doubt within the next few years if we are reading a post about how this so called "Scourge of TMA's" has been convicted for blowing up a school or something, and then being the coward that he most likely is, commits suicide. I'm guessing here, but I'd say the odds are in my favor.

And what's with all this patriotic crap he tries to align SCARS with? The message seems to be, learn SCARS and be a better United States citizen. His site screams, look at me, I have pictures of Rommel, Patton, Bush, and the American flag on my website! Rommel, Patton, and Bush? Are they proponents of SCARS? I think not! It's actually hilarious the way KungFoolss puts the spin on everything. I think for now on we should refer to KFs as "Doc" for SPINDOCTOR that is.

Bullshido members, remember that I wrote this little fortune telling. We'll shall see, but all indications are that he is a troubled man with a troubled past on the verge of a major meltdown. Actually, I feel bad for the man. I can only imagine the mental pain he suffers with day after day. Lastly, I will now offer my direct plea to KungFoolss. Please seek treatment. Psychiatry has made great advances in the last 10 years, and you would only be helping yourself (and others) by seeking treatment. They even have these nice little places where you can rest in peace, and learn to be calm and all that. Sincerely, give it a shot! I really hope you do. Peace out Scourge.

7/03/2003 10:20am,
In all seriousness I thought that site with Rommel and such was a spoof site. Are you sure you're not mistaken?

7/03/2003 10:44am,
Hey, I wanna be called "Doc"

Sorry tried sulking there, didn't take fucknut.

Besides that I agree, though I think chemical sterilization may be most important as weDO NOT want this guy reproducing.

My single chopstick is bad at serving soup, cutting steaks and basting roasts and chickens. Besides that it owns.

7/03/2003 11:06am,
Super, I am not mistaken! KungFoolss is very serious. Also, I agree, we DO NOT WANT KFs REPRODUCING!!!!! LOL Doc!

7/03/2003 11:43am,
I love the fact that KungFoolss has definitely read this but doesn't comment.

OWNERSHIP has never been easier!!!! doh!

7/03/2003 11:50am,
Can someone post a link to that site? I'd like to check it out.


7/03/2003 11:51am,
If this is for real, then we really shouldn't be picking on him - the guy needs some sympathy and understanding.

7/03/2003 11:52am,
You may be right Super, but someone has to "try" to make some sense for him!!

7/03/2003 11:55am,
Amp, here ya go... Propaganda at it's best!!


7/03/2003 11:58am,
Yeah - but I wounldn't call telling someone they're a an 'idiot' really 'trying' :)

Also, I don't think is primary issue is what MA he trains. I don't want to even hazard a guess, but I'm basically 100% sure that SCARs stuff if a result of something else versus the other way 'round.

Best thing is prolly just to let him be. He's been exposed enough to other points of view and if/when he wants to train something else then cool.

7/03/2003 12:00pm,

I'll check it out.

7/03/2003 12:04pm,
My IQ has actually dropped since viewing the site.

7/03/2003 12:08pm,
Super you miss the point. He posts ridiculous stories every day that really have nothing at all do with MA. That's what I'm talking about. If he wants to dish it out he has to take it too.

7/03/2003 1:16pm,
KungFoolss talks about people being cowards, I'd bet my paycheck he would not accept a challenge, never mind try to fight off a mugger.

7/03/2003 1:31pm,
BK - Sorry, I thought he was just sitting there taking it. But apparently I was wrong.

Ream his ass! ream!! ream I say!! ream like you've never reamed before!


7/04/2003 4:54am,
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