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7/03/2003 3:15am,
How important do you think it is for a martial artist to be able to visualise the goals he wishes to achieve? Studies have shown that visualising does enhance muscle memory and has enabled people to perform tasks they have never done before. So perhaps this is why some people are so inept at fighting - because they can't visualise what they need to do to succeed?

If mastery is the performance of the required technique without conscious thought, then surely enabling the mind to understand what it must do - rather than rely on recalling knowledge - is a valuble part of performance. Of course, physical experience is always going to be another requirement for MA.

If you disagree, say why.

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7/03/2003 11:03am,
All I can do right now is visualize, so really hope it helps.

I have constantly used visualization to enhance my martial training. Nothing so involved that I would call it meditation or anything, but I am constantly going over movements and scenarios in the shower, riding somewhere in a car, or just spacing out on the couch.

I find it helps me achieve the correct mental mindset during the physical parts of my training, leaving me free to just worry about the physical. Instead of thinking what to do, I just do it.

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7/03/2003 11:09am,
I actually find I'm quite a bit better in my sparring after a break from training. Part of this is the fact that I tend to think about fighting more in my down-time. When I come back to the mats/floor I've got new innovations and ideas in my head which seem to just come out to "play". Classic example is that no matter how much I trained I used to have trouble lifting that left leg to block kicks...I always dropped that left hand instead (from my karate training). Just recently one of my sparring partners commented that I was suddenly WAY harder to fight because I'm "finally using my legs properly". I hadn't been in the club for 3 weeks!

Visualization rocks as an aide, not as a replacement for execution!


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