View Full Version : what belt is erik pauslon

7/02/2003 11:53pm,
hey is erik paulson a brown belt in BJJ?? just wondering

deus ex machina
7/03/2003 12:04am,
I'm not sure what rank in BJJ he is.

It's not his main style by any means.


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7/03/2003 12:21am,
I have no idea, but his shooto system really opened my eyes about MMA. This is after I took a couple years of BJJ . . .


7/03/2003 3:12am,
"...I understand. In Bullshido, a member of Project BJJ has a name.

His name is Erik Paulson.
His name is Erik Paulson.
His name is Erik Paulson.
His name is Erik Paulson..."

*runs from the room with his hands over his ears*

7/03/2003 3:35am,
yeah i understand man, just curious, a classmate of mine at the academy said that he was a brown belt.

i really do enjoy the style of shooto feel their art is very complete their not superior in only one thing but all ranges of combat.

7/03/2003 3:43am,
LOL, Beat me to it Merc!

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7/03/2003 1:17pm,
LOL merc!! Fight Club is one of my favourite movies.

7/03/2003 8:04pm,
Nice one merc!