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7/02/2003 11:16am,
Seniors' Exercise Routine Packs a Punch

July 02, 2003

- Amy Bertrand
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ST. LOUIS - They kick, they jab, and they keep their dukes up as they break a sweat. Sounds like most of Charlie Foxman's martial arts classes. But this class isn't just any kickboxing class. "Most of the students in this class are in their 80s and 90s," Foxman says. "But the oldest is 100."

100-year-old kickboxers? Come on.

"They do all the movements," says Foxman, "but they do do them sitting down." Their reasons for coming to the kickboxing class at a senior-living residence in St. Louis, vary. Bill Mullens, 81, says he needs the exercise to help control the balance he has lost in his fight with Parkinson's disease. Walter Smith, 89, likes the spirit of camaraderie he gets from working out with friends. "It's fun as well as a real feeling of accomplishment."

Caroline Meyers, 84, is building her strength so she can continue to do everyday activities, such as opening heavy doors.


7/02/2003 1:21pm,
So what's your point? Are you saying that the elderly shouldn't participate in martial arts? All they are doing is some exercises. What's the big deal?

Jeremy M. Talbott
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Mr. Nice Guy
7/02/2003 1:45pm,
The Great One doesn't need to make a point, didn't you know? His attribute is unholy autoreflexomaliciousness, and his unholy mission is to spread preeminent FearTM, which excludes him from trivial obligations of conventional discourse.

All hail FearTM!