View Full Version : any grapplers around san jose, ca

7/01/2003 3:32pm,
I've been meaning to post for awhile but was too lazy to register I like this site because it has so many styles posting on it even very unknown ones

I'm a striker (muai thai/wt) looking for a friendly grappler to exchange knowledge with in a non dojo type setting. looking for someone very chill like me.

heh I know this isnt a personals ad website but I havent found anyone who is any good at grappling (i mean good like you did more than just wrestle in highschool) and I dont really want to go to the local bjj school because the last one I went to wouldnt let me ask about grappling being applied to my own strikes until after I stayed and trained bjj for a few months

any other martial artists I'd also be glad to meet with for mutual fun
I just want to learn not trying challenge anyone thx
I have alot of respect for anyone who trains their body it is not easy

The Wastrel
7/01/2003 3:36pm,
I live in Stockton.

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Omega Supreme
7/01/2003 4:54pm,
But you suck.


Go away I'm talking to myself

deus ex machina
7/01/2003 5:07pm,


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7/01/2003 5:13pm,
Any grapplers around San Jose? Oh.... there's just Frank Shamrock at the American Kickboxing Academy on Hollenbeck. I think that's the street name. I haven't been there in four years.