View Full Version : This is definately Bullshido

Michael Neal
7/01/2003 1:14pm,

Xuanlong Xian
7/01/2003 1:18pm,
India seems to be ahead in recent months.

Sam Browning
7/01/2003 3:10pm,
I feel like such a chicken hawk even reading the site!

7/01/2003 3:18pm,

7/01/2003 3:29pm,
I've seen the ninja kid over a year ago. If you follow one of Ashida's links, you'll find it on an Indian Ninja page...

..lemme see if I find it...

7/01/2003 3:32pm,
...go to http://www.indianninja.8m.com/
and check the 'Gallery' or 'Kunoichi'

Sam Browning
7/01/2003 4:30pm,
Given the Karate Angels site's obvious organization and good graphics I'm wondering who is organizing and promoting this operation. It seems a little much for the young ladies themselves, is there a computer stage mom out there?

Omega Supreme
7/01/2003 4:46pm,
lol, that was a cool site!

Go away I'm talking to myself

Sam Browning
7/01/2003 5:22pm,
Could you imagine if JKD Chick wrote for them?

7/02/2003 12:51am,
So cold, so very very cold.

7/02/2003 8:55am,
hey...at least there not out smokin' crack

hey...shouldn't they be out smokin' crack?

Objects in life are closer than they appear