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Wu De
6/30/2003 3:42pm,
I've been invited to go see a WT demo tomorrow.
Apparently the guy is one of Leung Ting's top dudes and he's in town to visit the region WT instructor. Anyone heard of Chi-Yu before? Anyway, i'll be going and if i get the chance i'll spar him.

I've never sparred a WT guy before, anything i should really watch out for?

This guy is famous for his blindfold Chi Sao so i wonder if he'll let any random guy be his partner.

I'll post details when i get them.

Xuanlong Xian
6/30/2003 4:08pm,
Hah...is grappling allowed?

6/30/2003 4:12pm,
It always seems like chain punches just end up on the other guy's shoulder during a real fight . . .


gong sau
6/30/2003 4:23pm,
Headhunting. Many chi sao players seem to be heavily fixated on high attacks. Also, watch for elbows in close (if they're allowed), and kicks while bridged.

As Xian said, grappling is well suited to deal with WC. I don't have a lot of experience w/ WT, though, so don't take my word as gospel by any stretch. I'd expect it would be rather easy to get a good takedown, however. A quick level change and BAM! He's down.

IMO, of course. :)

6/30/2003 9:40pm,
Being a WT guy, I'll give you my best advice. I won't tell you what I've learned, because I'm still pretty low level, but from watching my Sifu taking on random challengers (including a couple BJJ guys and a few boxers who are now his students), I can give you an idea.

Chances are, he'll stay relatively still until you make a move to get closer. Often the first thing you'll have to watch out for are kicks below the waist. Often targeted at groin, hips, or knees. These kicks are usually timed with several follow up hand strikes which are meant to land right after the kick, or depending on your distance, at the same time as the kick. Don't expect him to wait for you. As soon as you're within range, he'll come at you as fast as can be, so be ready! And don't listen to Gong Sau's advice about head hunting. (no offense Gong) While newer students usually are taught to go for the head, when you reach higher levels, you go after the opening your opponent gives you. Basically, when you're close he's gonna go balistic on you. You want to keep your center covered, because chances are this is where he'll attack first. Don't let him grab you, because WT has a lot of nasty locks, despite what people think. And finally, WATCH YOUR KNEES! If he's a good WT guy, he'll try to position his footwork so that he'll have control of your knees, which will either sever to hinder your footwork or push you off balance. These are the things a WT guy will attempt to accomplish. Your best bet is to try to dictate the fight yourself. And as he comes in, try to catch him with an uppercut or a hook, he may or may not be expecting those. But straight forward will be where he's strongest. Also, don't expect chain punches unless you're already knocked back and wide open.

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6/30/2003 9:57pm,
I'v sparred against a few WT guys, there is also some modified WT techniques in our system.

The best advice I can give you is to try and stay outsid his reach. keep your hands moving but close to the body and work your angles. Dont give him the centerline.

Wu De
7/01/2003 2:59am,
Thanks for the advice, it's just going to be a friendly event, so nothing will get too serious (i hope).

You know my MA background right? So I'll probably go groundfighting all the way.

Will let you know later on!

7/01/2003 3:58am,
I doubt he'll spar you.

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7/01/2003 4:36am,
I never heard of Chi-Yu I assume he is a Hong Kong instructor? is he a WT master or a technician?
what area(region) is he visiting?
Anyway let us know how things go and good luck!!

Wu De
7/01/2003 6:07am,
Erm...I don't actually know but i'll find out later. Just from hearsay (which is never reliable but still...) he's supposed to be very very good.

I'm off now! Will post later!

7/01/2003 8:36am,
Flop on your back and pull him into your guard, that's the most realistic way to fight!

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7/01/2003 8:52am,
[email protected]

7/01/2003 9:42am,
No no no. You should go for "chain punches", wind up grappling, fall over and then flap around on the ground like fish out of water.

Space may be the final frontier,
But it's made in a Hollywood basement.

Wu De
7/01/2003 11:26am,
Just came back from the session, i was allowed to spar him.

Before i post (i need to eat, am HUNGRY!), what do you think the results were?

About Chi-Yu:
5ft 8
about 69KG
Wing Tsun for 15years
Credited with Master level certificate from Leung Ting.
Nicknamed Chi-Sao-Yu for he's never lost any Chi Sao games.
Provincial Shandong Champion.
Looks harmless.

About me:
Fanzi for 15years
DiTang for 5years
National Taiwanese Full League Champion from 1999-2000
Looks like a wimp.

Who do you think did better?

7/01/2003 12:21pm,
don't know who won but I think you need to eat more.

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7/01/2003 12:21pm,
don't know who won but I think you need to eat more.

My single chopstick is bad at serving soup, cutting steaks and basting roasts and chickens. Besides that it owns.