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6/30/2003 12:25pm,
Yikes. Whoever said sword defense was obsolete? =)


Three dead, three wounded in sword attack
Monday, June 30, 2003 Posted: 11:41 AM EDT (1541 GMT)

IRVINE, California (AP) -- Police shot and killed a sword-wielding man described by relatives as schizophrenic after he slashed and killed two former co-workers and wounded three other people at a supermarket where he used to bag groceries.

7/01/2003 10:14am,
um, it was a joke? obviously failed. *sigh*

7/01/2003 10:17am,
Should have tried the "blade seizing technque of the Yagyu" <img src=icon_smile_tongue.gif border=0 align=middle>

Deadpan Scientist
7/01/2003 10:31am,
If only they had taken aikido....

7/03/2003 12:07am,
if i had been there, i would have kicked it out his hand.

or faked with a little flicky hand motion, then jawed him with a right cross/left jab/uppercut combo.

then a double leg takedown, or single, whatever, then some ground and pound, yeah bitch.

it is totally fuckt that he chopped up that many people. somebody should have organized a shopping cart charge or something. that's nuts.

what would you do if a psycho with a samurai sword was chasing you?

in a local alternative paper they publish strange stories. i read one today about a man who was chasing another guy so he could cut out his adrenal gland. he thought he could get high like in that movie that i cant remember the name of...las vegas something. he stabbed the guy in the side and chased him through town with knife until the cops stopped him.

that is whacked.


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7/03/2003 3:39am,
To be fair, the employees grabbed whatever they could and started to try and corner him. I work at a grocery store, and I can think of a few things that might help.

If I had to try and stop him, I would probably arm myself with a jug of water/milk and a pointy metal stick of some sort. I'd throw the jug at him, which would burst on impact (most are surprisingly fragile, especially when full), thus disorienting him and opening the way to strike with the stick, enter, and gain control of the weapon.

Failing that, or if I had help, I'd try to get someone to sneak up on him with a garbage can or a big one of those plastic ties like Jet Li used in Romeo Must Die. Engage him from multiple directions, then when he's not looking, slip the can over his head or use the tie to wrap around his arms or take his feet out from under him.

The main idea would be to throw **** at him to mess him up. Flour, sugar, salt, liquids, anything that breaks and disorients. I'm sure some ninjutsu people could improvise a blinding powder under those circumstances. Once he's off guard, either take away the sword or get him off of his feet.

Fatality Dragon
7/03/2003 4:33am,
Throwing stuff at someone with non projectile weapons is probably most effective defense. Flour probably work the best, oil work great too, so do some hot sauce and other stuff. Foods can make amazing weapons.

It is a rat eat rat world.

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7/03/2003 4:51am,
Yeah, how about you run away when you see someone with a katana coming at you?

That's one pig sticker that you don't want to mess with. They're ridiculously sharp and very light to wield.

Easy to break as well, if you don't know what you're doing.


7/04/2003 3:36am,
What a nut bar.

Don't supermarkets have a handgun or a shotgun stashed away somewhere? Or even pepper spray or a taser?

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7/05/2003 7:12am,

The martial arts katanas are, indeed, light to wield, but it's my thinking that the most likely model he was to have was a display type that would have been moderately to ridiculously heavy.