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Wu De
6/29/2003 3:15pm,
I was wondering whether this product is any good? Has anyone used this before and what where your thoughts of it? The adverts make it look like an awesome piece of kit but hey, that could just be good PR.
I was wondering because i could pick one up for $50 but i want to know about it before i spend the cash.

Opinions please.

Demon Slayer
6/29/2003 4:09pm,
They're ok. They're not as effective as plain old free weights in my opinion. Total Gym and the Bowflex are nice pieces of equipment if you can't get to a gym, but I'd pick a gym first.

The nice thing about those two things tho is that it is prety hard to injure yourself on them.

Omega Supreme
6/29/2003 4:53pm,
$50! go for it. Its better than nothing and I've seen worse.

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Wu De
6/30/2003 2:43am,
Ok, thanks for the advice guys!

6/30/2003 5:27am,
Hey, isn't that the product that's endorsed by Chuck Norris?

That looks like it'd be pretty cool, if it's what I think it is.

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6/30/2003 7:57am,
i think it is, a guy at my training hall uses it

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6/30/2003 12:14pm,
I'd buy it, especially for so cheap. Check out Total Gyms on E-bay, they run for $200-$600. Worst comes to worst, you can re sell it for $100 profit.

Never underestimate the ability to train at home. You can do a 30 minute workout watching TV. You don't have to worry about diving to the gym, finding an open piece of equipment, or any the other gym related hassles. The thing I like about the Total Gym is that it useds your own body weight for resistence. I don't use wieghts of any kind, just body weight excericises such as push ups and free squats, but the Total Gym looks cool.

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6/30/2003 2:55pm,
You don't have to worry about diving to the gym,

Is your gym underwater? That is so awesome. I bet you get a great workout, what with the pressure exerted and all....

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6/30/2003 2:57pm,
On a more serious note, the total gym is great for flexibility exercises. It's the same type of equipment that pilates exercises are done on. You're not going to get big muscles on it, but you can do all types of exercises that you'd never be able to do with free weights and involve muscles that you rarely use. For 50 bucks, it's a great deal. The total gym they sell on TV is a low end model, with the higher models going upwards of 1K.

Wu De
6/30/2003 3:11pm,
Thanks for all the comments, i'm going to buy it from my friend tomorrow. Just wondering, what kind of physique can you build with it? I've currently got a Bruce Lee type physique (but my wings are no way near his size though!) but i want to build more muscle, so any advice?