View Full Version : You might not care, but ill share anyways.

6/27/2003 7:11pm,
Hello! Im sure most of you have Kazza or some similar program right? And some of you want to download instructional martial arts stuff off of it, am I right? Well I found a new program that you can download entire instructional programs, instead of clips. Im downloading a complete Dan inosanto seminar right now. The Program is called eDonkey2000. Give it a try, after all its free!

6/27/2003 7:42pm,
Sounds nifty.


6/28/2003 2:36am,
Blade, I'm very interested! edonkey is a p2p like Kazaa or winmx? If so how do i fine the Dan Inosonto siminar on the site?

Deadpan Scientist
6/28/2003 3:20am,