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6/27/2003 6:08pm,
What is your opinion on these tapes. Just got them today. Does anybody else have them? It's the biggest set of instructional tapes ever made. 13 tapes at a cost of $285 Somebody told me they are great. Bill Lewis only gave them 3.5 stars but I don't always agree with him. I'm going to watch the tapes now.

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6/27/2003 8:40pm,
You mean nobody has these tapes?
For you new guys, Craig basically broke on the scene with the Kukuk/Renzo video series quite a few years back. At that point, very few knew who he was or knew that much about BJJ. The tapes mainly sold because of Renzo's last name and Rorion's work with the creation of the UFC. The tapes were somethinl like $310 for 11 half hour tapes with about 110 moves. They must have made millions. Rorion was reported to have told Renzo that he was teaching too much by the way.
Technically, Craig and Renzo's tapes were far superior then their only competitor at the time, Rorion Gracie. Plus they had 100's of times more techniques.

Then their were rumors of money disputes and Kukuk and Renzo Gracie had a falling out.

6/28/2003 4:22pm,
i think they were a great tape set similar to that of sperry best no gi series i've ever seen,