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6/27/2003 3:52pm,
Be able to do 400 pushups straight or bench press 400 pounds?

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Das Moose
6/27/2003 3:57pm,
I dunno, whichever would build more muscle...

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6/27/2003 4:03pm,
I'd rather be able to do one pushup with my erect penis.

Das Moose
6/27/2003 4:11pm,

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6/27/2003 4:16pm,
Lol...middlemoor....I mean you can't do that already?

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6/27/2003 4:58pm,
If I could, i'd get a job as a human car-jack.

6/27/2003 5:52pm,
I could probably work up to 49 pushups, we were doing bout 200 when training hard, we did them between sets.
But, I will NEVER be able to bench 400 pounds, so I guess to be able to bench that much would be impressive in the gym, lol

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6/27/2003 7:06pm,
I'd take the pushups

6/27/2003 7:42pm,
Regular or penile?

6/27/2003 7:46pm,
Bench 400. Being able to do 400 pushups would be so boring. I mean, what next? 500?


6/27/2003 7:54pm,
bench 400, it would be more use if you ended up under the mount of a 400 pound guy, although that all depends on your bodyweight, if i was 400 pounds i would hope to be able to bench that.

Imagine fighting a 400 pound guy who could do 400 press ups, that would be scary

6/27/2003 7:57pm,
Fighting a bear might be similar.

6/28/2003 6:58pm,
Personally I'd prefer 400 pushups. Being able to do that would build a lot of strength, and it builds muscular endurance as well. And what good is strength without stamina?

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Demon Slayer
6/28/2003 7:05pm,
That's a false statement. You won't build a lot of strength from doing 400 push ups you'd just overtrain your muscles and hit a wall. It'd be nice to be able to do 400 push ups but not as nice as bench 400 pounds....With that kind of strength, mind you in your current body, you could hit much faster and harder and hold up a lot longer in a match than someone oing 400 push ups. You're right about building muscle endurance though.

6/28/2003 7:32pm,

I doubt that. I don't know anyone who can push 400 and still maintain good stamina. Realistically, you just couldn't put enough time into the day to train all that and still maintain a life.

So let's be realistic. Personally, I'd take the pushups. Pushing a couple hundred+ seems to make my chest look just fine.

Sam: A woman who could push 400 would have one HELL of a lot of chest development...*whistles innocently*


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Demon Slayer
6/28/2003 7:46pm,
Nope not true, someone who can do 400 pushups in one time has more muscle stamina than someone who can bench 400 pounds b/c to do that you have to be able to add extra muscle mass to create that kind of energy in one burst. Where muscle stamina, the muscle barely grows so there's no real extra weight to deal with and no explosionof power is needed to do pushups.

And doing 400 pushups won't develop an impressive chest, when was the last time you saw a body builder forsake the bench press for push ups?