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6/27/2003 11:31am,
I'm curious if anyone has any comments on a guy named George Petrotta. I had previously not heard of him before I met him yesterday. There is lots of his bio info on the web but I was hoping someone has trained with him at some point or something.

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6/27/2003 11:41am,
Here (http://4dw.net/sungjado/Aboutus.html) is some more info for the non-searching types.

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6/27/2003 11:47am,
Too many grandmasta and masta on that webpage for my taste...

6/27/2003 11:52am,
He was a guest in class yesterday. I was turned off by his Christian prayers at the beginning and end along with including in the ending prayer that any "lost" people should see him or his wife after the session. I may have lost all faith that I don't attend a McDojo.

6/27/2003 12:12pm,
uh oh, now i'm gonna get involved here

There is nothing wrong with praying. If you don't like it leave......

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

6/27/2003 12:15pm,
If he were there every day I would certainly leave. I'm not a Christian and don't appreciate having that slipped in. Just like you probably wouldn't like it if someone by another religion than your own came into your dojo and started asking to you to pray with them.

6/27/2003 12:17pm,
I'm paying my dues to learn to fight and not to be converted. Religion has never been mentioned in class before.

6/27/2003 12:20pm,
in truth i find his decision to act like that weird

I'm a religiously affiliated. (lol)

but i don't mind my Sifu praying for 20 secs at the end of class......he doesn't talk about conversion or any stuff like that

it's all like "please give us safety" goodness

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

6/27/2003 12:27pm,
Problem #1

With Sungja-Do we win all conflicts on the street or in school or at work, whether they be physical or mental

Problem #2

Sungja-Do is a combination of martial arts that have been studied by George I. Petrotta, 10th Degree, Founder of Sungja-Do. These include but are not limited to:

Problem #3

8th dan UTB Tae Kwon
Do-Grandmaster Eugene A. Humesky, 9th Dan
7th dan CTA Taekwondo
Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr., 8th Dan
7th dan MooSul Kwan Hapkido-
Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr, 8th Dan
9th dan Myong-Dae-Gu-Dan-Sungja-Do-
Grandmaster Klaus Schuhmacher, 10th Dan
8th dan Kickboxing Full Contact-Confederacao Brasileira De Kickboxing-Grandmaster Carlos Silva, 9th Degree
8th dan World Kickboxing League-
Grandmaster Carlos Silva, 9th Degree
10th dan Karate for Christ International Shinsei Jujitsu-Grandmaster Joseph Lumpkin, 9th degree
ShoDaiSoke of Sungja-Do system-- Karate for Christ International Shinsei Jujitsu-
Grandmaster Joseph Lumpkin, 9th degree
6th dan Cloud Forest World Chinese Martial Arts Association-Dr. David E. Kash, 10th degree
3rd dan World Taekwondo Federation

Before you start worrying about the jesus stuff, you need to consider these.

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Fighty McGee
6/27/2003 12:27pm,
Skip this school and go to a legitimate Hapkido (or other style) school. This is a church group mascarading as martial arts. There are tons of these in the midwest.

Not only is the religious angle unsettling, but all the "Grandmasters" and associations have obviously given each other titles and ranks to an absurd degree. It is a creepy, incestual martial arts title inflation fest.

I would say Sungja Do is a bad scene. Go for something else.

6/27/2003 12:35pm,
I already have a school but this guy was the guest instructor last night. I could tell that our instructor thinks highly of him and not b/c of the religious crap as far as I can tell. This is why I'm concerned. I'm concerned that there is some title backscratching and legitimization going on.

6/27/2003 12:37pm,
I know GM Petrotta. He is a very nice gentleman and alwys willing to help others out. About 2 years ago I was the Illinois rep for the Sungja-do organization and probably still have my name on the list as a member. :) They were heading down a path that I didn't care to take so I withdrew myself from the group. I still speak to GM Petrotta every now and then. My question though is how was his skill?

Jeremy M. Talbott
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6/27/2003 12:39pm,
It has also made me really question the legitimacy of my own instructor. Damn, and I was really getting into things too. Unfortunately this is the best school in my small city, so I've heard.

6/27/2003 12:41pm,
I'm participating in a seminar next month by Ron Van Browning but this was the closest I've come so far. We donated $5 a piece for the hour b/c it was thrown together at the last minute. In that hour we prayed twice and were shown 3 or 4 arm locks and practiced them. I was also wondering if anyone could vouch for his skill.

6/27/2003 12:41pm,
that's a fucking huge load of dans

probably more than he is old!

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

6/27/2003 12:42pm,
But I agree with you Jeremy, he was very nice, polite, patient and all that other good stuff.