View Full Version : Dennis Kang NHB clinic in Kelowna

6/24/2003 1:01pm,

I hope to be going, if I can find 50 bucks plus gas money. If you're in or near Kelowna, you should really check into this! Dennis Kang rocks, and I've been told he's gonna be in one of the next UFC's.

If anyone needs directions, you can email me or PM me.

Omega Supreme
6/24/2003 1:42pm,
Don't take this the wrong way.

Who the **** is Dennis Kang?

I wouldn't pay $50 to learn from this guy but if you want to go for it.

Go away I'm talking to myself

6/24/2003 3:41pm,
well it looks like he is on a win streak though

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

6/24/2003 5:56pm,
lol! You're funny Omega!