View Full Version : McDojo Wear Store: Prices Fixed!

8/27/2002 12:18am,
As those of you that have been to the store have probably seen, our prices used to be pretty steep for McDojo t-shirts.

Well, we've finally fixed that. Apparently there was a default markup on the stock from the distributor, and I finally figured out how to change it. We're charging around 10 cents above the bare minimum now, so you guys can get a shirt without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Like I've said before, we never intended to make any money off the shirts (or hell, the site for that matter), and all the money raised goes directly to hosting fees, and the cost of running this site, which is currently coming out of my own pocket.

McDojo Wear! (http://www.99dogs.com/portal/associate.html?assoc=LSN-KJ7&page=store)