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6/19/2003 2:46am,

6/19/2003 4:29am,
when you say five do you mean 5 karate schools, becaus theres ony 3 mainstream jap schools, judo karate and akido, the non mainstream ones can be awsome if you find a decent school, anyway jkd anything from se asia, i.e muey thai kali escrima (it makes you screama!)silat etc or just standard mma places, blade do you blatently obvious reapet post now................

6/19/2003 7:20am,
If you've tried TMA and don't like it, try MMA instead.

6/19/2003 7:22am,
And if you don't like the tights you can go back to pajamas.

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

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6/19/2003 6:38pm,
Question I want to ask is what is your criteria for real martial arts for selfdefence.

6/19/2003 7:18pm,
dude. Use periods. It helps a lot.

South Florida? Try Muay thai... can't find it, BOX! I'm serious. Just learn your front kick (vary as push or footjab) and a low roundhouse to the thigh. Find a guy to train with ya for the kicks if you're only doing boxing.

Learn at least some grappling. Try Wrestling, Judo, Jiujitsu (preferrably brazilian/gracie/machado/whatever). Submission wrestling is good too.

And whats most important - conditioning.

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6/19/2003 7:20pm,
Hey gypsyking,

I live in queens and train at 2 schools in the area. If I were in brooklyn I would definitely train with Louis Neglia. Neglia is a world champion kickboxer and 8th degree goju. My Sensei is training partner (who is 3rd degree goju not from neglia) has been there 6 months and is a white belt with a tip. He is having trouble keeping up with the grueling workout because he is in his late 30's and a little out of shape. It's a great school though, full contact an very serious. I think you can check it out at louisneglia.com

6/19/2003 10:52pm,
isnt gleason's boxing gym in brooklyn?

deus ex machina
6/19/2003 11:41pm,
Pure self defense: Sayoc Kali.

There's a list of instructors at the website:


My instructor in the system, Guro Jeff Chung, runs a school out of Queens and Manhattan:



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6/19/2003 11:57pm,
Why can't you use punctuation?

6/19/2003 11:58pm,
I've lived in the South Fla most of my life. You can find just about any school you want. Anything from Kendo to your generic kickboxing/grappling fusions.

South Florida is a big place where exactly are you moving too? I know some great places in Davie, Hollywood, and a variety of places in Miami Dade county.

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6/20/2003 2:29am,
do "kung fu".

"Wrestling is the Martial Art of America";
"If you don't know how to wrestle you don't know how to fight, that's the prerequisite to fighting" David Tank Abbott (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/displayfighter.cfm?fighterid=110)

6/20/2003 11:04am,

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.
"I'd rather lie in a pool of sweat, than a pool of blood."

6/20/2003 11:46am,
i am new here, this is my first post although i have read several threads over the last month or so.

gypsyking, it sounds to me like maybe you should hit the weights and spend some time beating a heavy bag. raise your intimidation factor and you will have to worry a lot less about actually having to defend yourself.

feel free to critize or ask any questions of the "new guy"

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6/20/2003 11:49am,

welcome to the forum, omg please don't tell me you look like your avatar

"you should hit the weights"
one of the best training methods possible

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.
"I'd rather lie in a pool of sweat, than a pool of blood."

6/20/2003 11:54am,
I personaly think that self defence and fighting arts have very little to do with eachother. Most of self defence is in living in a safe place, avoidance, danger assesment, and verbal communication skills.

If you want to learn how to fight, it's a whole other story. What I would do, is go adound schools, and pick one you like most. And do not sign any long temr contracts, because as you get into fighting you may (or may not) see your priorities shifting in one direction or another.

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