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6/12/2003 10:45pm,
Two kids, out for kicks. One videotaping his friend, one suckerpunching a random stranger.

http://www.bullshido.com/images/walkbybeating.jpg (http://www.bullshido.com/dl_info.asp?id=160)

"(Providence-AP) -- Two people have been charged in the videotaped attack of a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Providence police say the attacker was a 17-year-old, whose name is not being released because of his age. The man who allegedly filmed the attack was 18-year-old Rogerio Alves of Providence.

The teenager was arrested yesterday, and Alves turned himself in. Both are charged with misdemeanor assault and conspiracy to commit misdemeanor assault.

The teen is being held at the Rhode Island Training School for Youth. Police say Alves was released on bail. Ryan Brown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, was walking down a street in Providence last week when he was punched by the teenager. The attack was videotaped.

Brown has returned to Michigan. The aspiring comic book artist says he injured his wrist when he fell following the punch."

6/12/2003 11:01pm,
<cliche> What is the world coming to?</cliche>

6/12/2003 11:34pm,
The real sad part of this is that from watching the video this guy had plenty of time to move out of the way, put his hands up to protect himself, or even hit the attacker first. Instead he just stood there while the kid cocked back his fist, and threw that haymaker. This guy cetainly did not have an offensive mind set or even a defensive one. The only mind set he seemed to have was somewhere else.

6/12/2003 11:47pm,
the sad part is they got caught. what idiots. if the victim actualy went to the police the two kids woul'dve been arrested since it was broad daylight. actually i think the victim is kinda dumb for not doing anything...fighting back or goig to police.

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6/12/2003 11:54pm,
You two guys are asses.

First of all, I don't think anyone could be realistically expected to do anything other than what the guy did, get hit. His attacker gave no warning and the cocking motion of his hand, that took a whole quarter of a second, was on his obscure side. Anyone who says they would have seen it coming or their super martial arts skills would have easily stopped a suprise attack like that is a liar.

Secondly, the guy ran like a bitch as soon as he hit the guy. Even if the victim wanted to fight back, he couldn't because his attacker didn't want a fight, we wanted to hit someone and run away like a *****. At that point there was nothing the victim could really do so he picked himself up and walked to a friend's house. If even he say a called the cops right then and there on his cell phone, the bitches that set this up wouldn't have been caught any faster.

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6/13/2003 12:07am,
Punisher's right. That's reality. If you're not used to the real deal, you'll freeze.

6/13/2003 12:16am,
Even if your are "used to the real deal" I don't think there is much the guy honestly could have done.

I have 17 years of martial arts training, and if I was attacked like that, the same thing would have happened.

I would have been able to get up and continue to fight, but I don't think I could have avoided getting hit in the first place. There is just no way to train for that other than having people randomly run up a hit you when your not expecting it. Even in my spontaneous self-defense training, I know I'm going to have to defend myself against something, even if I don't exactly know who or what.

The whole reason the guy didn't come forward at first is that he didn't think there was anyway to catch the guys. He never saw the punch, let alone get a good look at his attacker. He didn't have anything to tell the police to help them catch the guys. As soon as the tape surfaced, he did come forward to press charges.

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6/13/2003 12:24am,
No kidding, there's no defence for a sucker punch. Who the hell would expect that??? Nobody. What a bunch of pussies.

Hey, I know what it's like to get sucker punched, and mine wasn't even that sneaky. That guy had no chance, and if I were him, I wouldn't feel like some jerk-off punk ***** bitch owned me.

6/13/2003 12:26am,
Good thing I hired Kato after he was done in the Pink Panther movies.

6/13/2003 3:00am,
excellent, downloading, thna k you phrost.

If you;re goign to beat somebody up ffs don;t film yourself doing it, especially with no face protection lol!

Baah it doesn't show you if he gets up from the haymaker....

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6/13/2003 3:02am,
lol he doesn't come forward, so they can't charge the attackers. ah, but i see he did get arrested later...

This hsows you what a suprise haymaker or whatever can do.

"Wrestling is the Martial Art of America";
"If you don't know how to wrestle you don't know how to fight, that's the prerequisite to fighting" David Tank Abbott (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/displayfighter.cfm?fighterid=110)

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6/13/2003 4:58am,
I saw story on CNN, I know most people already or soon will have this information, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

I saw an interview with the victim. He was not hurt badly. He just had a small bruise on his face. He said he didn't even know what happened. One minute he is standing on the corner, the next thing he knows he's on the ground. It took a few minutes to realize what had just happened. He got up and walked in a daze to a near by friends house.

Apparently he either saw the tape on TV or the police tracked him down, because he is pressing charges.

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6/13/2003 8:51am,
"The aspiring comic book artist says he injured his wrist when he fell following the punch"

...his drawing wrist? I see a law suit for damages coming...

6/13/2003 9:20am,
lol I wonder what martiialCartoonist has to say about this...

"Wrestling is the Martial Art of America";
"If you don't know how to wrestle you don't know how to fight, that's the prerequisite to fighting" David Tank Abbott (http://www.sherdog.com/fightfinder/displayfighter.cfm?fighterid=110)

6/13/2003 9:36am,
Actually, this guy didn't need any martial arts skills to protect himself. If he would of had his head out of the clouds, and been aware of his surroundings he probably wouldn't have been attacked. These thugs saw that he wasn't paying attention to his surrounds so he was the perfect victim for them. I think the main point here is no matter where you are, open your eyes, and look around.

6/13/2003 10:34am,
yo, muaythaibri67, that's why it's called a "sucker punch"! awareness is important, but not everyone is aware of their surroundings when there's no reason to expect getting hit. if i was walking down the street in a bad neighborhood i would be on the lookout, but right now i'm sitting in a library and i could get sucker punched at any minute! hypervigilance is great, but it's also very tiring!