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6/08/2003 11:53pm,
This is a response I have received after having e-mailed Grandmaster Liang Shoyou. Of course the class which will be thought is Xingyi/Hsing-I. It will not be Wushu Kung Fu.

"Hello ****,

Grandmaster Liang current schedule is quite full. He is willing to alter his schedule if you can find at least 10 people (please provide their names and contact information) that are willing to commit to at least 1 year of instruction. Please forward the information to me and I will pass them along to Grandmaster Liang for consideration. The location of training will either be at our main training hall or somewhere in Richmond. Thanks for your efforts!"

I "might" have also found a perfect location to train. I should know an answer from the owner before the end of the week.

So, for anyone that lives in Richmond and/or Vancouver that is "truly" interested in this MA please contact me at the following [email protected]

As you can read we are in need of at least (10) people and 1 year commitment to make this work. But from what I have heard we will have some of the best training.




6/11/2003 4:02pm,
1. what's up with that messed up email address?
2. a year's training eh? that's a lot of commitment

well good luck with that, i lived in Richmond for a couple weeks with family there, 30 min away from Vancouver....

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.