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6/07/2003 5:44pm,
What is the advantage to putting your arm on your own shoulder (or bicep) and sort of pushing their head with your other arm. I don't see how it is any better than just grabbing your own wrist and pulling with your other arm. But the thing is that when I actually choke people, it *does* work a lot better. I just don't understand why. And are you supposed to arch your back while executing a rear naked? Also, I've seen some people have the hand behind the victim's head palm-to-head, and also back-of-hand-to-head, and also the blade of the hand to the head (sort of sideways, using the part of your hand that you'd use if you were "karate chopping" someone). And do you put your own hand on your shoulder or your bicep? This choke confuses me sometimes because there seem to be SO many subtle variations to it...

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The Wastrel
6/07/2003 6:06pm,
Round the neck pressure...on all sides.

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6/07/2003 6:22pm,
check this out:

I like grabbing the shoulders and doing the squeeze/shoulder shrug - it's very tight and doesn't require much strength. If you're strong, you can get a lot of the other variations to work too.

I don't think it's a good idea to arch the back for this move - I think in order to keep the squeezing/crushing action you have to "hug" instead of pull - I also think its easier to lose the proper positioning and end up just pulling up on the neck/jaw.

6/07/2003 7:41pm,
What I want to know is, why do they do this choke Naked? Isn't it kinda akward with no clothes on?

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6/07/2003 8:18pm,
I tried grabbing my own wrist and pulling, and then the classic rear naked, i.e. grabbing the bicep. I feel a lot stronger while I'm grabbing the bicep, which is probably why the choke cranks quicker. Better biomechanically I guess.

Grabbing the shoulder puts awesome pressure on, if you can get it. Arching the back won't really help you get the choke on at all. It might start cranking the neck, but I don't see any gain to it when trying to get a clean choke.

The only time I've ever seen someone using the blade of the hand to choke is whilst gi-choking from back mount. For a rear naked, it's probably a matter of personal preference.

I hope this helps you out.

6/07/2003 8:22pm,
The hand on the back of the head is pushing the the throat into the barring arm. I've had some small people put that variation of that choke on and it's very difficult to break once it's cinched in. Now if they put on the "grabbing the wrist" version it was alot easier to tuck my chin in the crook of their barring arm as I didnt have a hand pushing my head.

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Omega Supreme
6/07/2003 10:08pm,
Try grabbing your own head, or back of the neck. This gives you the same leverage and a free arm.

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