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Martial Cartoonist
6/04/2003 3:22am,
In all honesty... just how viable an attack IS a headbutt?

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deus ex machina
6/04/2003 4:07am,
2 words:

Mark Kerr.


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6/04/2003 6:40am,
Very viable.

6/04/2003 8:01am,
it works...hard part against soft part

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6/04/2003 11:05am,
Just remember that a concusion is caused when the brain is slammed or twisted within the skull. When you headbut someone you are slamming your brain around as well.

6/04/2003 11:57am,
A headbutt is probably the highest percentage one-shot knock out strike. It is extremely useful in fights, especially in the US, where noone expects them.

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6/04/2003 12:15pm,
you suffer a risk if you hit hard on hard, you don't need to hit too hard to hurt or break a nose....

Keeping dying threads alive for over forty years

6/04/2003 4:44pm,
it works best after a good day's training on the makiwara board!

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Martial Cartoonist
6/04/2003 8:24pm,
Do one on the makiwara itself? <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

My skill with a sword is formidable. My skill with the s-word is flat-out lethal.

6/04/2003 10:23pm,
I wouldn't take advice from Dave....SuperDave on the other hand!!...

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6/17/2003 6:40am,
Headbutts are definatly very effective. The key to their effectiveness is that they are a short-ranged, quick, non-telegraphed attacks which often catch people by suprise, as they just don't expect them.


6/17/2003 10:57am,
You have to be able to do them right though. If you don't, you'll just piss your opponent off.

6/17/2003 5:12pm,
Most of us have probably seen "accidental" head butts in Boxing and the bad swelling and open cuts that come with it. Now that's nothing in comparison of someone who really wants to hit and hurt you with one. Without a doubt they are a very effective weapon.

6/17/2003 5:15pm,
headbutts are very powerful. the damage u cause onto urself is smaller than if u get punched in the head in the skull. and in a fight u already get punched a lot in the head, so one headbutt wont make a difference.

remember in a fight, ur worried only about getting punched in the jaw and nose, NOT the head! (unless its a baseball bat or head kick)

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6/17/2003 5:17pm,
and when u headbutt u can clearly see what ur about to hit :p

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Roidie McDouchebag
6/17/2003 6:05pm,
The head-butt is the most painful strike to get hit by IMO...it really friggin hurts, more than elbows or knees. And headbutting people does not hurt your head, unless you hit the wrong area in which case its the same as punching the wrong area, except you won't fracture your skull whereas you may break your hand.

Also they are a pain to block and if you're in someone's guard or vice versa and want to give the person something to think about, they're great...bring a whole new dimension to the guard.