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6/02/2003 10:58pm,

6/03/2003 9:12am,
Why was he demoted and where did you read that?

Jeremy M. Talbott

6/03/2003 10:03am,
...well, he's not claiming to be Bujinkan, Genbukan or other...

...didn't even find a rank he might have received or given to himself...

...he's not calling himself 'grandmaster' either...

I liked this passage in one of the articles:
"Masters like Takamatsu Sensei understood that a spontaneous expression of artform is more superior to an automatic expression of technique. Artform can manifest itself in many ways, many different responses ... but technique is limited to a specific practiced response. So he taught in a way that gradually developed an unconscious expression of artform, not set techniques. And while his students were focusing on trying to remember the various strikes and kicks and limb-controls, he was focusing on natural power, balance, distance, timing... and retaining a centered mind."

I've gone to find myself. If I'm not back before I return, leave me there.

6/03/2003 10:04am,
...forgot... the prices seemed ok too... remember, they're AUSSIE $s...

6/03/2003 10:33am,
why is alec baldwin teaching ninjutsu???

I'm half puerto rican and i know judo so you betta run
judo know if i got a knife
and judo know if i got a gun

6/05/2003 12:07am,
From what I've read on ebudo.com this guy is a pain in the ass for the Bujinkan. Some of the senior level instructors want him booted but they can't get enough votes to do it. One of Roy's brilliant moves was to send a letter to Hatsumi demanding a higher rank. Anyway, check ebudo.com to see if the Bujinkan forum is still available and you should find lots of info about him.