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6/01/2003 8:06pm,
I'm thinking about starting up martial arts once again(I used to take it when I was a kid, and found that the only place near where I live is this ACCS cultural center. Has anyone ever taken a class here, and if so, how was it? (here's the link to their website: http://www.kungfu.org)

6/01/2003 8:37pm,
also, has anyone heard about the grandmaster in charge of the school?

6/02/2003 6:48pm,
I seem to recall that there was some controversy concerning the "Grandmaster" at that school.

I suggest you go to KFO at http://forum.kungfumagazine.com/forum/index.php and ask about it.

Barring that, just go and watch their training. Do they spar full power and apply effective technique?

- Skummer -

If you think you can speak about Tao, it is clear you don't know what you're talking about.
-Lao Tzu

6/02/2003 8:43pm,
Hmm, I'm still waiting for the confirmation letter(saying that I successfully signed up and all that) from that site...anything else anyone can say about this guy? From what I've read, he seems to have an impressive lineage,especially from this guy named Chang Tung Sheng...has anyone ever heard of this guy?

6/02/2003 8:57pm,
"Do they spar full power"

You're assuming that is what he is looking for.

El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"

6/02/2003 8:59pm,
well, to tell you the truth, that kinda is what I"m looking for...I want real chinese wushu, not flower fist

6/03/2003 2:37am,
Check this site...


Look at the "news" section. He says some negative things about Demaria. Unfortunately, I dunno if it's true or not.

- Skummer -

If you think you can speak about Tao, it is clear you don't know what you're talking about.
-Lao Tzu

6/03/2003 9:57am,
Wow..Interesting controversy going on there. I wonder if Demaria knows or cares about it. DW, have you questioned Mst. Demaria on his creditentials?

Jeremy M. Talbott

6/03/2003 10:31am,
I'm getting tired of all these 'grandmasters'...

...if half of that stuff on http://shuaichiao.com/ is true, Demaria would be a nice little grandmaster fraud...

...going from "'honorary' god-son" to "adopted son", tsk, tsk, tsk, ...

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6/03/2003 10:47am,
I wouldn't have put up this pic:

where is he looking? and look at his punching wrist...*shakes head*


6/03/2003 6:53pm,
hmm, I've only talked to the guy once, and for a few seconds. this guy has also written some books and whatnot, and my friend says it's well written but aimed at beginners....I read the controversy on the Shuai Jiao site, but I also found numerous pictures on the www.kungfu.org site showing Demaria training with Chang Tung Sheng.......so what do u think? btw, do any of you know of an alternative martial arts school around Westchester County, NY?

6/04/2003 12:00am,
go see for yourself.


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