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5/31/2003 10:23am,
Just took it from Sherdog.com

"I just read the Gracie way and it has a lot of tight stories about Rickson. Here is one that is pretty awesome. The day after Rickson fought in the Japan Vale Tudo 94 he was doing a seminar in Japan and apparently a bunch of guys from the Judo national team showed up and they were determined to make Rickson tap out. They knew he fought the night before and were hoping to get him tired so someone could tap him. HAHAHA of course it never happen. Rickson lined them all up and tapped them out one right after the other. I guess Royler was there too and after every one of them lost to Rickson they rolled with Royler. In the time it took Royler to tap 1 of the guys Rickson had already was tapping 3 of them. Royler is one of the most technical BJJ and submission fighters around and this just shows how far superior Rickson is. He was tapping guys 3 times faster than Royler could. And another BJJ blackbelt was there and it took him about 10 minutes to tap the first guy and 10 minutes to tap the 2nd guy. Rickson's ability is so incredible and its unfortunate we havent seen him in action very often lately. It would be nice to see him come out once and for all and prove his amazing ability in front of the world."

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5/31/2003 10:35am,
from what little i have seen, he is a very impressive fighter. definately a cut above the rest.

how many times has he been defeated in competition?


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5/31/2003 10:41am,
Rickson? As far as i know he has Never been defeated in Grappling tournament or Vale Tudo NHB.
Once i heard that he Participated in a Judo tournament and taped them all out, at the Last fight his oponend scored Ippon-Throw him down on his back(Judo rules *puh*) and He lost.

5/31/2003 2:10pm,
Meaning he was cleanly thrown to the mat with speed, force, and complete control, i.e if his opponent chose to he could have thrown him on his neck.
Do we have any other stories other than the Gracies talking about this? It is kind of like Linda Lee talking about how bad ass Bruce was. It would be nice to hear about it from someone not making money off of it.

deus ex machina
5/31/2003 2:23pm,
Hey, while we're at it, let's bring some other *Interesting* matches. Like the one where Kimura made Helio his little fucking bitch. And don't give me that bullshit about how he lasted for 15 minutes or whatever. Helio is on record saying he got choked out momentarily(he only revived because Kimura thought that the choke wasn't sunk, so he changed position) in the beginning of the match.

But you know what? I don't give a **** about that kind of stuff.

How many fucking times do we have to go through this. It doesn't fucking matter what the **** Rickson did or Helio did or whatever, what MATTERS is what YOU are doing. Rickson doesn't give a **** about you, and he's not going to swoop down from the heavens to help you when you're in trouble or when you're in the ring. So you better know what the **** you're doing, and if BJJ is helping you, then good for fucking you.


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5/31/2003 2:54pm,
GRECO...you may as well swallow those nuts, they're already halfway down your throat.

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5/31/2003 4:25pm,
My problem with the whole Rickson hype is what has he done lately? I'm sure he is great and if he is so good he should be able to go out now and compete with other guys in his age group like Coleman, Frye, or Shamrock.

I really believe that a major reason he doesn't fight actively in major competitions anymore is because his legend is the last trump card GJJ has. People like Sakuraba can beat all the Graices he wants, but GJJ fans can always say "He wouldn't have beatg Rickson".

If Rickson were to compete today, and lose or even win but not in a completely dominant fashion that aura and mystique his name has would be lost forever.

His story would be just like Helio's, where people would still wonder if the best fighters of today would beat him in his prime, but it wouldn't be bigger anymore.

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The Wastrel
5/31/2003 4:55pm,
What has he done lately?????!!!! He's teaching. What has Emin Boztepe done lately? I just think both sides of this are lame...except Deus was funny as crap.

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5/31/2003 5:19pm,
What has Emin Boztepe ever done?

Seriously. I don't really know who he is, except from the clips and article about the "incident" here on the website.

I've done martial arts all my life and I never heard of him until I came to this site. I known about the Gracie challenges and stuff since long before the UFC.

And come on, when does the "legend" become bigger than the man? Usually people at least wait until someon is dead. I have no doubt Rickson is totally awesome. But are we really supposed to believe that no one EVER has tapped him out, even the family members and other instructors that trained him and taught him BJJ in his youth? Or do that "never lost, even to the other Graices" only count in "offical" competition (whatever that means)?

Anyway it's just speculation and talk, like how boxing be different if Tyson didn't go to jail.

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The Wastrel
5/31/2003 5:37pm,
I don't really care either way. Greco's a nutrider, but there are plenty of haters. Great athletes deserve respect, not deification.

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5/31/2003 7:28pm,
i find this thread rather amusing

intelligent posts are made by people i'd expect them to, stupid posts are made by those i'd expect to make stupid posts, and there is always someone post whoring

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5/31/2003 7:43pm,
GRECO...you may as well swallow those nuts, they're already halfway down your throat.

Great Post! Is that the best u can do?

5/31/2003 7:45pm,
And what about Boztepe? He was a Joke and he still is a Joke!

5/31/2003 11:52pm,
Don't know if I believe that story, at least the way its presented, but Rickson's alright by me. Hell, he's about the only Gracie that doesn't just piss me off most of the time, of course there are like sixty or seventy of them, may be other cool ones too. I mean, damn, don't they have cable and sports channles down in Brazil?

5/31/2003 11:55pm,
Gracies are responsible for the MMA/NHB that we know today.

The rest of us would still be practicing forearm blocks and think we were bad asses.

Thank God for the Gracies.

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6/01/2003 12:18am,