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5/29/2003 9:09pm,
Found this link as well that you may be interesting:

Its the original Farmer Burns mail order wrestling course from 1912.
I'm sure this is the same one Matt Furey is currently selling for $50 US.
Here it is free in PDF format. Worth your time to read, not only from an historical point of view, but from a training point of view - this is an original strongman and submission wrestler before steroids and bodybuilding clouded what real training really is.


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5/29/2003 9:37pm,
"In Burn's special case, however, no one can injure him in the slightest by choking, as his throat and neck muscles are so highly developed that he can protect himself by contracting the muscles and holding them firm and solid."

No ****?

5/29/2003 10:03pm,
Sweet. Thanks FoM.

5/29/2003 10:05pm,
I can give neither official confirmation or denial :)

I have read from a few sources (Furey included) that Burns was known for his incredibly strong neck - although I doubt that it was 100% impossible to choke him out.

Then again, I don't think anyone ever did ?

El Guapo says, ""You can buy muscles, but you can't buy COJONES!"

5/29/2003 10:55pm,
Very interesting. I'd think it'd take some monstrous neck muscles.

5/30/2003 12:47am,
Good link thanks.

5/30/2003 1:08am,
Supposedly Farmer Burns could survive a 6-foot hangman's drop.

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5/30/2003 6:09am,
Thanks for the link.

Fighty McGee
5/30/2003 9:23am,
Brilliant link FOM. Thanx

Mr. Miaggi
12/16/2004 10:53am,
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12/16/2004 11:03am,
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12/16/2004 2:51pm,
The Ghost of Farmer Burns visits me too!

Mr. Miaggi
12/16/2004 2:54pm,
Very funny...... Thanks for posting the "alternate" link

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http://www.sandowplus.co.uk /Compe...ns/lesson01.htm<

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