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5/29/2003 12:02pm,

Sigo Hainisch (IMAG e.V.) vs.Andre Balschmieter (WT Eschwege)(in the long black pants)

I belive that Andre Balschmieter is still in his student grades (couldn't find too much info though) and I don't know anything about the other guy.

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5/29/2003 12:22pm,
What kind of player do I need for .avi files? It's not running on the media player...

I've gone to find myself. If I'm not back before I return, leave me there.

5/29/2003 12:24pm,
ah, OK. I did not see any WT?

5/29/2003 12:33pm,
guess what...

<Me> John, what do you know about Zen Buddhism? <John> *smacks me*
<John> I'd have to smack you sometime...

5/29/2003 12:51pm,
Sorry to say, but I did not see any martial art skill in this fight. This looked like a couple of untrained tough guys going at it.

They demonstrated a complete lack of skill on the ground, and not much more skill standing up. Both of the fighters gassed after only a couple of flurries, failed to keep their hands up, and in a couple of cases didn't even look at their oponent. Any amateur boxer with a half a year of experience would have taken either of these guys with the greatest of ease.

I remain, Hapko3

5/29/2003 12:54pm,
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5/29/2003 12:57pm,
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deus ex machina
5/29/2003 1:05pm,
Well thank God I didn't waste time downloading THAT bullshit.


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5/29/2003 1:09pm,
Many people don't understand that Wing Zzun just isn't that kung-fu looking. It looks pretty much like two guys "going at it", the WT is in the little things. Same thing with many other arts, for example some Systema styles have specifically been designed to NOT look like skilled fighting at all. So maybe that is why none of the WT in NHB looks like WT? LOL

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5/29/2003 1:17pm,
I'm not sure why everyone gets on WT fighters for not looking like WT. Do all boxers look exactly the same? Is all their footwork identical? All their punches identical? No, lots of boxers have different "styles" of fighting, and they're all called boxers. Now, just because every WT fighter and every WT technique doesn't look identical, it isn't WT? Well, perhaps you could show me what it's supposed to look like?

5/29/2003 1:18pm,
HAPKO3 this isn't professional fighters ...

Id' like to see you going at it with another guy and see how much 'skill' is in that fight. Have you even tried being in a fight and how fast you gas?


5/29/2003 1:40pm,

Yeah, I can see that they're not professionals. The thing is, though, that they're making very BASIC mistakes, mistakes that any half decen fighting coach would point out in lessons one through three.

I know what out amateur NHB scene looks like, and the guys that fight here would dismantle there two in a matter od seconds.

If our amateur fighters looked like that, I would have been competing a long time ago.

I remain, Hapko3

5/29/2003 1:47pm,
I've not watched this fight, but going out on a limb here I'm going to suggest that there is no evidence whatsoever of WT technique in the fight. Am I wrong?

5/29/2003 1:51pm,
MMA: I don't know much about WT, but if it looks like that, I'm not interested.

I remain, Hapko3

5/29/2003 1:52pm,
I can see that he's trained WT.

You gotta remember Chi Sao is just to train your reactions, it seems you guys are expecting to see Chi Sao and if that's not there then it's not WT.


5/29/2003 1:56pm,
guest: I don't even know what chi sao is, to be honest. I've never had any contact with Chinese martial arts.

What I do see, though, is that both of these guys are completely ineffective. They literaly take turns giving their oponents potentialy fight ending openings and not capitalizing on them.

I remain, Hapko3