View Full Version : im a computer tard who wants to view a profile

7/11/2006 5:29pm,
im a bit of a pc spastic, how do i view people profiles on here, not the zoints one, the actual bullshido profiles....sorry my question is stupid,so stupid i cant find an answer.....i should go hnag myself...but before i do someone tell me please?

7/12/2006 11:54pm,
load their zoints profile. look for the link to bullshido under "my communities" or some such. next to that, there is a link labeled "info." this is their real profile.

if they don't have a zoints profile, it will redirect to that page.

or, you can append &nozoints=1 to the zoints profile url.

i believe there's a thread to this effect in the the support forum.