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5/24/2003 4:02am,
I personal find it easyer to fighter a Martial Artist then A street punk most of the time.

I mean even though i could destroy the street punk faster *i mean Fast* you never have any idea what they might do and if you will end up seriously hurting them or there crazy flaling will get you.

Where if i find out someone is a martial artist i have a pritty good idea on what to expect infact i find that there are so many bad schools that you end up fighting some joker whos been mind washed and fights like a fool droping there hands chambering there punchs using horse stance and using blocks to no effect.

Dos anyone else feel this way from time to time.

5/24/2003 4:14am,
I have said this before, but it bares repeating.

My instructor, a traditional martial artsit who has been doing martial arts basically all his life and teaching them since 1986, says he would rather fight a black belt of any style over a random person on the street.

He feels for most people, martial arts training actually DETRACTS from their ability to fight effectively. Even martial artists that are really skilled and actually benefit from their training, generally rely to closely to their given style, and as soon as they took a fighting stance my instructor could make good faith assumptions on what they were likely to do. A random person with "no style" would be much more unpredictable and in his opinion dangerous.

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5/24/2003 4:20am,
Thats how i feel, somewhat.

5/24/2003 4:33am,
I got to honestly say, that there is something seriously wrong with your art if someone without training poses serious threat to you. There is of course always the un-known, but still people, even wildly flailing people can only move in so many ways. If your art doesnt give you the tools to deal with any random situation, then there is something seriously wrong with it. I think of the people who developed FMA, for example. In the past, they never knew who thier enemy truly was. The raiding culture of the time, meant that attackers could be from anywhere (they could be Iranun, Samal, Bugis, Aceh, Chinese, Japanese, British, Spanish, thier neighbor who suddenly goes crazy, etc...), come at any time, and at any level of skill/armament. Spontaneous reaction, is something that FMA is known for. It may not have the most flashy techniques, but at least it can deal with ever changing, unknown situations. The idea of flow, the ability to deal with failure, and keep on going.

5/24/2003 4:33am,
I personally find it easier to win a spelling contest against judo kid, than to fight a martial artist.

5/24/2003 4:42am,
Below the belt (YELLOWCARD) to stoogejitsu.

5/24/2003 4:43am,
Can i ask you a question Kuya are you in TKD?

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5/24/2003 4:50am,
Hmm... Judo do your math. In Muay Thai there are two fists, two elbows, two knees, two shins, and two feets. There are about four different basic way to punch, 5 different way to use elbows, 7 or 8 different way to use your knees, 5 different way to use your shins, and 4 different way to use your feet (those are roughly estaime with quick counting, not accurate answers. So add them all then multiple them by 2. That will get you about 50 or 52 different strikes. So how the hell are you gonna to know when they will be throwing which one and what? (those are without clinching to0). So MA could be just as unpredictable or even more unpredictable (especially Bujinkan's method) than street fighter.

So I would say your theory is wrong.

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5/24/2003 4:56am,
Judo Kid? I thought it was fairly obvious I am currently practicing FMA.

5/24/2003 5:03am,
Ill try and clarify my earlier post in regards to untrained fighters. As martial artists, we supposedly are training ourselves to be physically more than the average un-trained individual. Beyond technique, we are conditioning our bodies to perform at higher levels. We are supposedly athletes, and fighting is our game. So if we use another game such as basketball in an analogy, the topic you have posed would be like asking how much of a threat is some guy who never played basketball to someone who trains hard at it? If your training isnt making you a better fighter, then why are you doing it? If it is so easy for some guy off the street to shake the years of work you have put into training, what does that say about your training?

5/24/2003 5:09am,
I understand what you are saying and agree with you i am just noteing that a untrained fighter may be alot easyer. But you never know what they are gonna do next.

5/24/2003 5:11am,
I am more implieing that i am less worryed about alot of Martial artist out there today then the commen street punk. And no i am not talking about if Frank shamrock walked up to me and what to fight and i wouldnt be worried but i am saying with so much BS martial arts out there that i believe those people almost lose skill when they join there mcdojos.

5/24/2003 7:20am,
a street fighter in no way shape or form is easier to fight than a martial artist.

and why are you "less worried" about "alot" of martial artists out there today?

judo, have you got your ass kicked for real out on the street yet.

i am sure its only judo's age talking for him

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5/24/2003 8:00am,
some street fighters are martial artists .. they just don't wear the gi out on the town.

5/24/2003 8:17am,
9chambers-Sure. But I'm sure you understand the distinction trying to be made here is the difference between "trained" and "untrained."

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5/24/2003 9:31am,
I would rather fight martial artst as well, though for different reasons.

See, the untrained fighter might KNOW he can't fight, therefor might carry a weapon.

The martial arts school blackbelt is so full of his bad self that there is less of a chance that he would put a cap in my ass or gut me.

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