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5/23/2003 4:27pm,
Can any of you provide me with some good Silat links? I am particularly interested in sites with videos (free clips) and pics of techniques. (Maphilindo Silat prefered, but not required.) I've done some looking around, but can't find any good vids or pics.

Also, what is the general concensus on Silat? I'm starting a Maphilindo Silat class, and, so far, it seems pretty nasty. It is quite different from MT, though, both in technique and philosophy (much more ATTACK), so I have quite a steep learning curve ahead of me. I am hoping that some good websites will help me out by giving me a better understanding of the style's techniques, principles, and philosophies (that's fighting philosphies... not moral philosophies. :D )

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5/23/2003 4:52pm,
I just saw a streaming video on Silat. I have several sites. E-mail me for the sites I found.

5/23/2003 5:08pm,
Kuntaokid should be able to help with info.

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5/23/2003 6:00pm,
silat and kuntao on the net is sparse at best, especially when it comes instruction,pics,and vids.

i will did up the url's for a few i know later.

www.pencaksilat.com -guru steve plink of serak. good site with basic technical info. dont think it has pics though, just text.


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5/23/2003 6:16pm,

some silat tech pics on this site.

*note about pentjakkuntaosilat*- imo silat stabs silat in the back more than any other group. given the relativly small number of practitioners in the U.S., fucking boggles my mind.

another note, i do dutch-indo kuntaosilat or poekulan, so i focus on that particular area. there are many,many styles of pentjaksilat, the majority of which are 'pure indonesian'.

access the thread titled 'silat' in the tma forum here, and access the link there. go to the ezine and select links page. surf away.


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5/24/2003 7:53am,

If I could only find a silat school in my area, I'd go to it.

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5/28/2003 8:30am,
does anybody know of a silat school directory? I am looking for a school in massachusetts

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