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5/23/2003 9:43am,
How wide spread are they in martial arts?

Do you know or have you seen anyone use them in a dojo?

Do you think they are an integral part of competition these days?

With the move of Judo into the realms of big money. www.judo.tv. Will the half a million dollars mean that performance-enhancing drugs are on the menu?

Your thoughts please for or against.

5/23/2003 10:16am,
little to NO USE! very few martial arts students are into the fighting arts for the long haul. one half of one percent of karate students are hardcore. the rest will quit once they have to use their brain and remember the required material.

maybe if steroids would make the brain grow so all the ADHD students could learn to focus, then it may be wide spread.

although with the egomaniacs in the wonderful industry of martial arts, you would think everybody is on them.

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5/23/2003 10:16am,
1. no idea, go do a survey
2. nope
3. integral? do you know what the word means?
MOST of the people don't take steroids but may have protein and creatine supplements

performance enhancing drugs is a broad term, i think you just mean HGH and steriod type drugs

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Zujitsu Ka
5/23/2003 10:42am,
I know of no one in my system. However Icould see how they couldbe a benefit in the MMA arena. To be stroger and more agressive can help. At the same time a roid rage can be dangerous. Some in a roid rage is difficult to stop. I always take tis into consideration while teaching. I make it clear to my students that if a guy is jacked up on crack or in a roid rage you will may not be able to stop with ahrd quality strike alone.

5/23/2003 10:49am,
i don't hear so much about steroids per se, but there are always 'supplements' and the like. Whether they are natural or synthetic i don't know. But, either way they can't be all good for you. ***Ephedrin***

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5/23/2003 11:47am,
I haven't seen any martial artists use steroids. Most of the people I've seen use them are kinda fat and pretty lazy when it comes to anything outside of the gym (although I know a guy who is like a superstar in all sports). For the most partthough, I think that someone who is so impatient as to take steroids wouldn't have the discipline to practice MAs.

5/23/2003 12:44pm,
but all the Tai Chi guys at my place take it!


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